28 June 2009

done and done :)

Tonight I completely finished my Far Far Away quilt...

I did purple binding...

a complimentary turqouise fabric for the backing...

I did the quilting with the same turquoise color and I looooooove it...

I am really happy with the finished project...

I am definitely still a beginner but I hope that with each quilt, I continue to get better :)
I can not wait to get started on my next one :)
nighty night!


  1. It's really beautiful! Kudos!

  2. those colors are perfect for summer. i can see numerous picnics being had on that lovely quilt. great job :]

  3. this is so gorgeous, dear!

  4. so pretty!!

    my goal was to have a new sewing machine and be practically finished with a quilt by the end of summer, but that's looking impossible. so, i'm living my quilt dreams through you :).

  5. OH my gosh it's gorgeous! Amazing.

  6. So beautiful!!! You should be sooo proud of yourself, Janel!!!

  7. i am so jealous of your quilting skills. seriously, i love the one you just made! sooo cute.


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