27 June 2009

Photobooth Friday <3

Wow, maybe I should start calling this, Photobooth Saturday :) lol! Here is a photo of my sweet $1.00 garage sale find...

Eeeek! I am super excited about it!! My only other score for the day was an Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet stamp set that I can use when we do our Egyptian Art study at school!!
Today, I also went to the fabric store with my dad and got everything to finish up my "Far Far Away" quilt. And three hours later, I have it sewn together with the batting and backing and I also did ALL of the quiliting...OMG, I love it! I am way to 'over it' right now to do the binding though :) The idea of cutting strips and even changing the thread color and bobbin color makes me want to scream. SOOOO I will save the rest for tomorrow :)
Dear God,
Thank you for this amazing day and my amazing friends and family!
What a blessing...
Have an awesome Saturday night friends!


  1. I wanna see pics when you're done!!

  2. You actually found one of those poloroid cameras? Yippee. That's funny that we were just talking about that yesterday.
    The question now is.... can you get film for it anymore?

  3. soooooo jealous about your poloroid!

  4. that is amazing. i think yesterday was the first time in a long time that i didn't hit up some kirkwood garage sales. i dropped the ball big time.


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