23 June 2009

Yesterday was plain AWESOME!!

One of those days that makes this such a great summer :) First of all, we FINALLY got a couch!! So, remember my dream couch? Well, I called and they were dead serious about it taking 6 to 8 weeks to deliver, we went from a sleeping bag on the ground, to lawn chairs and it was not fun!!

Then, I was staring at the dream couch online and notcied the measurement. 57 inches seemed, to me, very small for a couch...Adam and I are not tiny people my friends. Then on Sunday, I was shopping with my sister and mom and we were looking at furniture at Weekend's Only. I measured a real couch and it was almost 90 inches long which started to scare me. Ok, then I measured a cuddler recliner (built for like 2 people) and it was almost the same size as the couch. So, when you see this picture of the dream couch:

That is not just an oversized pillow, that is for real. So, while looking for Nicole at Weekends Only, I found a new dream couch. One that was right there for me to test out, see, measure, AND have the next day! Urban Outfitters was super cool about canceling the order and now I am typing this post from the most beautiful couch ever :)
Besides curtains for the sliding glass door, the Newer, more simpler, more beautiful, more special living room is finished :) I will do a post with lots of pics later today or tomorrow, promise:)
And speaking of Tomorrow...."Toooomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya...." Annie at The Muny was amazing last night. Annie has always been one of my most favorite movies ever. It was actually the very first movie that I ever saw in a movie theatre, when I was 3 and after that you could never find a picture or home movie with me wearing my Annie locket or singing "Tomorrow!" I also love that I found out Margot is a major lover of Annie as well :) I still have tons of old Annie stuff, I love it. Anyways, the musical was great and I got my picture taken with Annie :)

My mom's season tickets are great seats so we really really enjoyed it. I also got this really cool hat, so now I can really be Annie any time I want :)

After the Muny we went to Ben and Jerry's down at The Loop and ate waffle cones while drove home, windows down, singing at the top of our lungs to the radio....my favorite :)
And I made a very beautiful Whale Inspired painting :)
AND I won the give-away on Ashley's blog!!! I love when she announces things via blog because she has got a serious southern accent :D

I have never won a blog give-away!!! Thanks Ashley :)
It was a great day!!!
P.S. check it out!! I only need 2 more followers to reach my goal of 100 followers :) Please help me out by clicking the follow button in the side bar :) I will be your best friend!! lol :) Happy Tuesday. Is it dorky that I can 't wait to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion tonight? Like seriously, I have been counting down the days since last Tuesday....sad!
P.S.S. who is my reader from Ireland??? I always see it on my map of where people are visiting from and I am soooo excited to have a dauly reader from there!! if you are reading this, leave me a comment and tell me who you are :)


  1. weeeee I think that I was just your 100th follower! FUN! That puts my 9 to shame shame. LOL You are the cutest. I am so sorry your dream couch was baby sized!

  2. Yay for the new couch, the new kitchen table/chair project at the in-laws house being put together, and the greatest Annie/Muny night a guy could ever ask for with the cutest gal :)

    Love you!

  3. Congrats on the new couch! we want pictures!! The Annie actress really looks like, well.. annie! and i love the little hat. too cute. Did you get your 100 followers? if so, YAY!!! <3 Congrats on winning ashleys giveaway. kick ass!

  4. Congrats on the new awesome couch, the wonderful evening, winning Ashley's giveaway AND on reaching your 100 follower goal!!!!

  5. aaw, when i think of annie i think of branson. something about the vhs being at the grocery store when we were down there my first time and that probably being around the time i first saw it.

    lets see this new couch and the complete living room!

  6. haha! i *tooooootally* did that with a couch from urban too! [only we haven't ordered it yet.] but *YAAAAAAYYY!* for your new one! i can't wait to see it missy!

  7. I cannot wait to see your pics!
    The picture of you and Adam is gorgeous. What a beautiful couple.

  8. OMGOSH to annie.
    i can recite the movie. hahahah. i have a feeling you can too!
    AND YOUR HAT IS AWESOME!!! i gotta get one of those.
    i'm so jealous.
    i want to be annie. so badly. or molly. never could decide. i used to play annie every day with my grandpa. he was daddy warbucks and i would tap dance down the stairs! ha!


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