24 June 2009

Far Far Away...

Apparently, I am all about the fairy tales today :) While taking a break from Neverland and Wonderland I decided to work on my Far Far Away quilt....
I am excited to announce that I am finished with Quilt Top #2 of the summer!!

It is the most beautiful and softest fabric that I have worked with :) I am trying to decided what to do for the quilt backing and how exactly I am going to quilt it all together. The fabrics are so beautiful so I felt like doing just another patchwork style with this one. The colors all go great together and the sqares are in no particular order whatsoever. I did do one line of the same fabric though all the way through the quilt. I love it so much and apparently so does this little gal :)

precious! My goal is to finish at least one of the two mini-books that I started today and to take pictures of the living room so that I can share that with you all either tonight or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow :) It is soooo nice to have the summer off with Adam. I am bummed that he will most likely start working again really soon. That is kind of silly since it isn't practical but I love having him with me all of the time! We would love your prayers though as he interviews next Monday for a new job. We need them :)
love you


  1. sheesh, you're on a role!! I would kill to have this amount of free time to craft.... I'm definitely jealous.

    the quilt top looks lovely, I'm a big fan of the fabric for sure! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Beautiful!!! I love this one too!!!! I'm gonna have to buy some fabric and just send it to you. ;)
    Can't wait to see all the goodness you've been working on!!!!
    I'm like Holly...so jealous of your summer!!! =)

  3. Beautiful Janel...so beautiful Janel.


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