12 June 2009

new wall art <3

I have noticed that I start a lot of my posts with, "So..." soooo I am going to try and not do that sooo much (ha).Last night, I finally finished my new "wall art" for the living room renovation :)  I am very excited about it.  Adam "likes it alot" but does not love it.  I, on the other hand, looooove it!  I was inspired by all of the lovely embroidery hoops that my sister gifted me and I had been wanting to create a wall of fabric samples and 1+1= perfect!

I even placed the one that I purchased from Color Party in there too!!  Now I am working on a place to put these lovely Ashley G. ceramic pieces and the free print that came along with them :) What about above the rocking chair?  A little montage above it?  That might be 'just the ticket!'

And what about this amazing print for The Black Apple.

I am in love with it but it is still sitting in the packaging because I am not sure where the perfect place for it will be yet :)
Yesterday was spent adding a million more things to our garage sale (seriously).  My sister was kind enough to donate a lot of her cuuuute crafty things, more home decor, clothes and BRAND NEW shoes to Adam and I's couch cause :)  As you can see in my previous post, we are selling the old couch so we better make enough money for the "dream couch" because it's been three days without the couch, and that is torture!  I will definitely keep you all posted!

***Oh and... today will be the last day that you can enter my patchwork pillow give-a-way!  I will be drawing a name tomorrow, after the garage sale :)  This give-a-way is just one small way that I can thank all of my amazing, inspiring, kind, thoughtful, wonderful readers.  Your comments, REALLY, are the only reason I blog :)  I love all of you and I feel very blessed to be able to give back to you by offering this little give-a-way

<3 you all


  1. looooovely wall art!! i wanna come over!!!! and that print is AWESOME! totally love it!

  2. Well, sorry Adam but I'm with you, Janel...I looove it! What an awesome idea! There's so many fabric prints that I absolutely love and what better way to see them all the time??? Looks great!!!

    Loooove that book print from the Black Apple!

    I wish I could come over to your garage sale! Sounds amazing!!!!

  3. looooove it too! it looks absolutely fantastic! what a great idea. i might have to try that in my home as well, i have a stash of fabrics i love and can't decide what to do with.

    great taste in art work :) ashley g and the black apple are two of my faves!

    good luck with your garage sale!

  4. HIIII! I miss you! I miss you so much that last night I dreamt about RVA and everyone there and we were having a great time crafting! And the RVA store was in San Fran, a couple doors down from Paul Frank and the Apple Store.

    I miss you :(

    Sent you an e-mail!!


  5. Your wall art looks SO cool! I love the vibrant colors you picked!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  6. The wallart looks amazing!! the bright pink ones are my favorite =] I wish i could come to your garage sale!! i love them- went to some earlier today but none of them were any good.

    Good luck with the garage sale, and once again- i love the wall art!!

    see yah!!

  7. i adore your embroidery hoop wall art! so cute and cheerful! i love seeing designs ideas just bursting with color. it looks adorable!

    i am sort of a garage sale fanatic. you live in st. louis don't you? i totally want to come. i am out there every saturday with all the old folks in kirkwood. lol

  8. Oh Janel! The wall is so beautiful!
    I love it.

    You must post lots and lots of pics when you are all finished.


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