21 June 2009

In case you didn't know...

I have the cuuuuutest dad ever :)
It's almost not fair to the rest of the world. Check him out for yourself :)

Today is Father's Day AND his birthday so we have sooo many reasons to celebrate this wonderful man! I decided that I would put a list together.
Things I "got" from my dad:
1. I learned how to sew
2. I learned how to use a sewing machine:)
3. My artistic skills
4. My love for brain boosting activities
5. Charlie Chan
6. Faulty Towers
7. a boquet of flowers for my 16th birthday that I still have a pic of
8. I know how to make black powder bullets
9. great times spent going to guitar lessons together (Choco-tacos, Skeeters, and Ice cubes
10. voting for who I believe is RIGHT not just based on political party
11. a picture of my great-grandparents that he gave to me during a really special moment back in college
12. sometimes he brings me lunch at my work but wont come in the school so we eat it outside in the car
13. my love for KU and my dis-like of Duke
14. he buys my less-fortunate students books at the Book Fair!
15. my obsession of baseball in elementary school
16. he taught me how to ride a bike
17. he showed me that I did NOT want to learn how to drive from him :)
18. good grades were very important.
19. he has an amazing heart
20. He would literally sacrafice ANYTHING for his girls :)
21. he loves his mom and dad so much
22. I would do anything for him including driving out of my comfort zone every day for a week to take care of him in the hospital
23. My compulsive shopping :)
24. My obsessions and phases definitely come from him
25. my sentimentality
26. my talent of balancing a spoon on my nose.
27. My fear of his computer!
28. Awesome jokes
29. my good music taste (he has awesome taste in music)
30. my love for sweets!!
I can think of a million more. He is so amazing, he's strong, he's caring, he's loving, he's a pool shark, a fly fisherman, an artist, a computer genius, a regular genius, a guitarist, a photographer, a collector, a chihuahua lover, a husband, a brother, a son, and a dad. I love him so much and I am sooooooooooo blessed that he is mine!!!


  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday & Happy Father's Day to Janel's Dad!!!

  2. your post inspired me to do a similar one :) Thanks Janel :)

  3. What a great post. You have a TERRIFIC DAD!

    Happy Birthday, John, and Happy Father's Day, too!!!!!!

  4. aww this is so sweet. hope you had a wonderful fathers day with him :]

  5. Happy Birthday J's Dad!! Okay, when I come and visit you, can you please teach me #8 please???????


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