19 June 2009


I have been so blessed by the Happy Mail group, both rounds! This round, Jamie (the founder of the group) got me :) I have already gotton three awesome packages from her!
This beautiful Dream Big painted plaque and handmade card that I incorporated into my inspiration wall:

AND the second package was a bunch of Love, Elsie goodies to make an "Our Home" mini book. I can not wait to get started on it. It is so perfect because Adam and I have been doing a lot of re-decorating since he moved in :) Yay!!

and then today I got the cutest embroidered Get Well Soon card :) She is amazing and I am so blessed to have her as a friend!!

When I first saw this embroidered letter by Katie Cupcake, I absolutely fell in love.

It is soooo beautiful, and personal, and amazing and I am pretty sure that the rest of the online world fell in love with it as well because I saw it on tons of blogs and Flickr faves and so on :) Because of the overwhelming response to her embroidered letters, she offered them on her Etsy as a customizable piece. I knew that I had to have one. When Adam and I first started talking and emailing I had sent him a text that said "You're nice. I bet we get married." I sent that before we had even met, but I knew it was true already. Anyways, he saved that text and always kept it on his phone but has lost his phone since. So, I ordered that little sentiment to be embroidered on one of Katie's beautiful letters. Here is the final product:

and here is where we hung it! This is in our bedroom and it is all things that are sentimental to "us."

How cute is her handwriting by the way? Adam loved it so much. This will always hold a very special place in our home and in our hearts. Thanks Katie!!

I am in love with these knitted mustaches that were made by Polka Dot Robot and Leigh-Ann!!

(Photo by LA)
OMG they are soooo cute :) Plus, I can not get over how beautiful LA looks even with a mustache :)!!! Must be nice :) Great job LA and Vivs. You two make a great team!

P.S. here is one more little last bit of cuteness for your Friday nigh enjoyment:

love you <3


  1. I looove your inspiration wall!!! So beautiful!!! And that spot for yours & Adam's "special" things...perfectly awesome!!!! What a great idea!!!! I may have to find a spot to do that! ;)
    And that note from Katie???? OMG!!! What a treasure!!!!
    Awesomeness!!! Love ya, Girl!!!

  2. I am so jealous! What awesome happy mail! I haven't received anything yet...I wonder who got me? Hugs and more hugs. Lydia

  3. How do you come up with one great post right after another, day after day after day....amazing!

    BTW, because of your STUPENDOUS talent, I need your help with decorating for Vacation Bible School. Is that something you could help me with sometime the week after the 4th of July?

  4. awwww! you say the nicest things! thanks so much!!! your story behind it makes the note even sweeter! did you meet your husband online then? [i met steven online.] anyway, i'm so so happy you love it!


  5. i love that letter, you and adam are so cool! :)

    thanks for giving me bubbles in my tummy, you're so sweet Janel :) they'll be in my etsy shop eventually :)


  6. this is amazing. that piece + quote is freaking absurd. obsessed. i wish she had more stuff listed..


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