15 June 2009

inspiration from 20 Stamps Later

hihi everyone!
it's heidi from 20 STAMPS LATER!

i'm super excited to be guest-blogging for Janel!
[you may not know this, but we are blogger twins.]

here is a mashup of things that are inspiring me as of late:

food blogs:
the food photography is so inspiring and it makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen!

skeleton keys:
(i have a collection that i have big ideas for)

chandalier pics:
aren't these beautiful?!
i get so excited over home decor projects!

andy j. miller's work:

living walls:
(i want one, i want one, i want one!)

hope revo:
their work is beautiful.
be sure to check them out on flickr and facebook, too!

masking tape:

constant inspiration:
red velvet art
the outside
new music
color schemes
people watching
all of your blogs!

speaking of blogs, this week on my blog is an artist-a-day style of inspiration.
elsie was today, of course. =)

i'll leave you with this.
it was on my blog back in jan, but is still beautiful:


  1. OMG!! great post, great quote, and I totally need masking tape in all of those colors!!! Obsessed :) Thank you soooo much Heidi for your awesome blog post!! I am definitely inspired :)

  2. Those berries look scrumptious and that pink chandelier is fabulous. I wish the hubs would go for some pink decor. I just need to have a little girl so I can pink out her ring!

  3. i absolutely love and want that purple chandelier! The quote is great and that masking tape is amazing =p awesome post, Heidi!!

  4. Love it! I've been looking at food blogs lately, too...and there's so much I want to make and too little money! Haha

    And omgsh, that pink/purple (?) chandelier?!?! I'm in so much like right now! :)

  5. OMG where is that masking tape from.
    i MUST have some.
    pleasseeee e-mail me the link?!!!

    looveeeeee. [:


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