01 July 2009

day three of quilt number three <3

I am almost done and I am loving it!! I have a lot of pictures for this post because I have gotton a lot accomplished since late last night and this morning.
So here are some squares with all of the four rings:

Once all of the rings were sewn on, I trimmed all of the squares to be 13.5 inches squared. Check out the mess!

I think that I may be to the point where I need a scrap basket!! I keep forgetting to ask my mom if she has an extra basket laying around (so mom, if you are reading this, do you??)
Once the squares were all trimmed to (almost) perfect squares, I cut them into fourths like so:

So then I had a beautiful pile of all of my deconstructed squares. This part scared me a bit, because there was no turning back after this. I could have kept the quilt with it's original squares so it took me a good 20 minutes and lots of consulting with Catalina and Adam before I ended up with this pile of squares:

Once I had deconstructed all of my squares, it was time to re-construct them all into new squares:

This actually took a little while as well because I (being me) had to find good placement, no repeating squares, complimentary colors, etc.
Here is what I have!!! This is the layout of my quilt before I actually sew all of those pieces together:

Busy, bright, and beautiful!! Just like the woman who this quilt was made for!!


  1. Anonymous01 July, 2009

    this is so adorable! i love the bright colors! <3

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!c

  3. wow, i am in awe.
    those colors are brilliant.

  4. wow.
    seriously, just WOW

  5. it seriously keeps getting better and better. i loove how bright and cheery it looks.

    you're doing great!!

  6. Wow!
    This is super beautiful!!
    Amazing job!!
    You should be super proud!!

  7. WOW! That is sooo amazing and beautiful!!!!

  8. I lOVE your creation!! I'm seriously going to pull some fabrics out this week-end and start a quilt top. Your color selection is AWESOME!!!


  9. Wow!! You are amazing! I can't believe how quick you are. It looks great. I hope to make my first quilt soon.


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