15 June 2009

Shelf Inspo from yellowbarnart :)

I am loving the pics I've seen of different colored shelves and backings. My friend Laura just painted the shelves in her living room a different color than the surrounding area. It looks so bomb. I tried to find some pics of examples of solid colors, but failed, so here are some awesome patterned papers:
This one isn't so much a book shelf, but an area of wall.  Still love it.  Same basic idea though!!!
Again love this!!!  I think all the matching accents are great.
What a perfect addition to a craft area.  If you have anything like this, or a spin on it, you should send me a link so I can get more inspiration!!!!!

Please come by and check out yellowbarnart anytime for more daily inspiration!!
Nicole :)

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  1. I really wish that I had a shelf I could do that to!! That is sooo stinkin cute!!!


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