04 June 2009

One of the many reasons that I love my sister:

She hooks me up!!
Look at all of the beautiful things that she brought me today :)
A bazillion of these cute little wooden boxes...

A bunch of old film canisters  I know that I am going to think of something soooo cute to make with these!
3 old wooden cigar boxes.
The HUGEST pile of felt ever!!  Each of these colors is a couple yards worth or more :)

Ahhhhhh!!!  Glitter, glitter, glitter <3

and a big box full of embroidery hoops!! Which I plan to use to decorate one of my newly painted walls with :)

Can't wait!!
Today I have been working on pages three and four of Rachel Denbow's Summer Journal Class! I am loving what I have done so far and I promise to post pics later tonight :)


  1. omg. i'm sooo jealous of all of those embroidery hoops. i would die if i had all those. also i wouldn't get anything else done b/c i'd be embroidering 24/7.

    lucky girl

  2. Holy Wow!!!! All that stuff is freakin' awesome!!! Your sister rocks!!!! Those little boxes are the cutest!!! And all those hoops??? Jealous!!!! I got one of the cutest gifts for my bday...an old cigar box like one of those FULL of art journaling treasures and cute little awesome things to create with!!! Can't wait to see you both later!!! xoxo

  3. What a nice sister!!!

    Aw man, is that wool felt or just regular craft/polyster felt? :)

    And could I get one or two of thsoe embroidery hoops from you? pleaseeeeee? :) I'd love Janel mail and tis hard to find wooden embroidery hoops around here..

  4. those felt colors are delicious! and all of those boxes and cannisters--so lucky, you'll be making something awesome in no time.

  5. holy motherload of crafty goodness!
    those little wooden boxes are awesome!!!
    looks like you'll have your hands full for a while :)

  6. Sounds like a crafter's paradise!


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