10 June 2009

Happy Wednesday <3

One of my main goals for this summer is to visit as many St. Louis must-sees as I possibly can. One, because I want to share the treasures of St. Louis with my Massachusettes bred husband and two, because when you live in a cool city like St. Louis, you need to experience it. This is the FIRST summer since I was 13 years old that I didn't have to work all summer, or take classes all summer so I am taking advantage of it. Rachel Denbow's art journal class has made me "solemnly swear" to make my summer what I want it to be and I take solemn swears very seriously :)
Which leads me to today :) Today, I had a girl's day with my mom and my sister, Nicole. We took a trip downtown to the Circus!! Circus Flora is in town, down by the Fox Theatre, in a big top tent and everything! I seriously have not been to a circus in sooooo long. This was cool because it had a story to go along with it!! Here is a quote from the website describing it:
"The word alone resonates with a magical spirit of Circus. Join us at the height of the 19th Century, before the dark shadow of world wars. The famous Medrano was a special place in Paris - more than simply a circus building. It served as home not only to the most amazing circus performers of the day but also to prolific artists, writers, musicians, political exiles, Russian spies, gypsies and diplomats. At the Medrano, French high life mixed with low life, circus met cabaret and aristocrats mingled with thieves, concocting wild plans for the future of their country and the world."

Seriously if you are in the area, I highly recommend it. They have 1 hour shows during the day as well which is great to take kiddos to. The tickets start at only $8. They had a bunch of circus dogs that did insane tricks and all kinds of cute performances. And how can you forget the tight-rope walkers!! Insane!!
After the circus, we headed to Pietros (amaaaaaaazing) near The Hill for a delicous lunch and then off to Ted Drewe's for dessert. It doesn't get anymore St. Louis-ish then Ted Drewe's :)

yummmmy. I will definitely be taking Adam back to all three places sometime this summer :)
It was such a wonderful day spent with my best gals, what a blessing :)
Once we got back home, I decided to finish up making signs for my garage sale and pricing the last few items. Man oh man, how I love a goooood garage sale!! Again, if you are in the area, you should totally come by on Saturday!! Here are some pictures to entice you. (Please notice my dad's "light show" and disco balls, LOL!! Perfect for rollerskating in the garage. He is a hoot!)

I can not wait!!! It is kind of sad that 99.5% of all of the items in the garage sale came from my house!! I mean seriously, can you say clutter!! Another sad thing is that a lot of the clothes for sale, still have the tags on them...It did feel great to get rid of all of that and focus on living a more simple life, clutter free, chill.
As Ghandi said, "Live simply so that others may simply live."
You dig?

And just another reminder that you have 3 days left to enter the give-a-way on my 200+ post!!! I have almost reached my goal of 100 followers :) My blog readers are so amazing. I love them sooooo much and that is why I am so excited to be doing a give-a-way that hopefully will bless one of them!!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Good Luck!

  2. Is that circus always there? Or just for a certain time? That looks so awesome! Looks like you girls had a wonderful day!!!

    Ha! My word verification is "bills"! Boooooo!

  3. It's not always here. I think it is just during the summer but it comes every summer :) Check the link that I linked, it should give all of the info! you should totally go!

  4. if i came to your garage sale, i would pee my pants as i walked up! it looks like a REALLY good one! eeeeee! :)

  5. Janel- Have you read "Water for Elephants?" It's a good circus read... :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  6. Ah, you make me want to hop in the car and drive up there! :) I wish the circus would come to Kansas City...


    and yay circus!

  8. I love love love the circus!!!!! Lucky gal!


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