29 June 2009

Monday Inspirations...

Ashley, from Film in the Fridge, is such an amazing quilter :) I have been so inspired by her quilts. I am currently working on creating a "Modified Bento Box' quilt, which she has a tutorial for over at her blog. Her tutorials are really easy to follow and her craftmanship is stunning. Here are some of my favorites that she has made :)

Man, I wonder if I will ever be that good? I hope so!! I am totally obsessed with quilting at the moment. I love having new obsessions :) My goal for this summer and technically for the whole year was to make a quilt. I started early this month and am on my third quilt so I am very happy with that accomplishment. I am excited! Have an inspiring Monday loves....


  1. That's some mighty fine inspiration, alright!

  2. woah! those quilts are fab!
    I love the quilt you just finished, and would love to make one myself... I'd like to start now and start stocking up for baby #2, whenever they come. lol

  3. all of those are so beautiful!

    i wish i had the extra time to make one of those babies. thanks for mentioning the tutorials--maybe when free-time does come around, i'll use them to make something.


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