18 June 2009

I'm shaving my head!

Just kidding!! Adam, on the other hand, does keep telling people that though! Sometime last summer I saw an episode of Split Ends where this girl got "a hair tatoo." I instantly fell in love with it and have been searching for pictures of it or something like so that I can take it to the salon and get it done. It is so rad! Well, I won't even go in to all of the pictures that popped up when I searched "shaved hair art." Innapropriate :) I was discouraged.
So, much time had passed and Adam kept telling people, Janel wants to shave her head, or Janel wants to shave the sides of her hair off...blah blah blah...people thought I was a weirdo. Today he was trying to explain it to my mom and I think she got freaked out :) Anyway, I decided to do some serious internet searching today. My mission=find the pics!!
I think I was two hours deep into the internet world when I stumbled upon a Split Ends message board, read a bazillion posts until a designer name sounded familiar, did a google search of "El Cruz" and found that I could purchase the episode on iTunes. For someone who spends a lot of time on iTunes, I was soooo mad that I didn't think of that to begin with!! So $1.99 later, and 30 minutes of re-watching the episode, and re-falling in love with the style...I got some screen shots!!! Yay!
So, as you can see here her hair looks completely normal when it is down:

BUT...if you lift up the side...you get this little shaved part where you can shave in a design!!

That is the beginnings of a star :) I would maybe get a heart or even "xo5!" Who knows :)
I think it is really cool and a temporary alternative to a tattoo! What do you think?? Should I do it, or not?????
In other news, tonight was fabulous!! I said goodbye to Casablanca which is a little hole in the wall greek restaraunt that I worked at for 14 years. That is right, 14 years!! Insane. Unfortunately, Saturday will be thier last day open :( i cried. I looove all of the people who I met there, the regulars, Abby, Rami, Leroy, etc. Good good people....the end of an era!
BUT, when we got home we were able to Skype with Adam's parents!! It was sooooo great to see them again. I love them so much and Skype just made it seem like they were right there in front of me!! I am seriously sooo blessed to have them as my family now :) Here is a cutie screen shot that I took of that:

Loooooove those faces :)
Ok, so in conclusion...hair tattoo or no hair tattoo. I will do it based on the comments!! What is your opinion!?!?!


  1. I don't think I'm going to be much help...I'm on the fence. It's very unique...and hey if you don't end up liking it...it's not like it's permanent! But I was thinking along the lines of myself...I don't think I could pull that off! It's definitely for someone with the confidence to display it!

    So pretty much, lol, if you feel like you can do it and you'll like it then absolutely GO FOR IT! I would love to see it on someone not on tv (who can make it work for anyone)! Let's us know if you do it!! <3

  2. Do it, girl!!! i love the idea- and her hair looks rad when its down. =]

  3. I say go for it! It's not lasered or anything, is it??? LOL It'll grow back if you don't like it. But I'm all for real tattoos too so I'm probably not the one to ask, lol.

    Ha! I love my word verification...uncroo. It just makes me laugh.

  4. I think there are two rules when trying something different -

    1. Don't make the decision when you are hormonal.

    2. When you want to make a change or trying something new - go for it!!

    You have gorgeous, thick hair and you could pull it off.

  5. Only if you have really thick hair and you're prepared to deal with a very awkward growing out phase...and you have an amazing hairstylist you can trust.

  6. a star would be wicked, and suuuper fun for a photoshoot.
    So I say go for it, but my advice would be to start with a small area, so it's not like you're losing too much hair. :)

  7. DO IT!!! Grow your hair out a bit more and DO IT!!!!!

  8. I second the make sure you have a stylist you trust do it and carefully choose the location of the "tatoo". That being said, go for it!

  9. i totally dig that hair! go for it!!!

  10. Ok so don't laugh. When I was 18 a girl where I worked at the time dared me to have a design shaved in the back of my head on the bottom because my hair was short. I had made a joke because her black guy friend had a superman symbol in his. Well she bet me $50 that I wouldn't do it. That was a lot of money to me in 1990. I had a Micky Mouse head shaved on the bottom in the back. LOL I don't have photos because our house burned and took all my photos with it. :(

    Funny tidbit. The same salon that did it then is the same salon that I know go to for my my hair cuts. LOL

    So you go girl, just please don't get mickey or superman......oh and I got the $50 and the business I worked at got a lot of extra business for 2 weeks. I did some crazy things in my day, still do but I'm lots of fun.

  11. You only live once. Be bold and love it!!

  12. ohhh it scares me!!! but it would be cool and it WOULD grow back but omg it scares me hahhahahha!

  13. I think it is awesome!! Go for it and I think you should get xo5!! LOL :)

    miss you!!

  14. it's not reallllly a tattoo right? just a shaved part? i've seen that before...but on girls with shorter hair. i think it's okay...i just wonder what it would look like with your hair up ya know? kinda awkward....???

    i don't know!

  15. I say do it! I've always always lived by the motto that hair will regrow. It is something we should have full reign to play with without being fearful!

  16. I say do it! How long have you been thinking about this??? It can totally be hidden if you NEED to be professional ;) and I think it would be cool with your hair up too! I really want you to do it and show us pictures!

  17. HEY!!! mArk and I have skype... search for us (FaithStein) we missssssss you guys!


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