08 June 2009

Monday Inspirations...

I have been embroidering like crazy lately! I think all of those embroidery hoops from my sister really inspired me to start again :) Here are some beautiful embroidery projects created by others that also are really inspiring to me right now:

1. The Princess and the Pea embroidery, 2. so...i think i love you. [embroidery], 3. new embroidery, 4. Embroidery owl, 5. Over the Rainbow for You - Original Embroidery Piece, 6. Lauryn's Embroidery Tattoo, 7. Embroidery Swap - Patch #4, 8. polaroid-embroidery-hoop, 9. robot*embroidery, 10. Sublime Stitching - Russian Doll, 11. Emily Martin - The Black Apple Embroidery Transfers, 12. Emily Martin - The Black Apple Embroidery Transfers
Gorgeous!! I challenge you to start some embroidery projects yourself. Whether you frame it, keep it in the hoop, or tape it into an art journal, try it out!!
Have a great week. I have a lot of pictures (and words) to post later today from this weekend and from Adam and I's trip to The Loop today :) Good times, good times!


  1. LOVE the so I think I love you. That's what the hubs said the first time he told me. But he added...Isn't that weird? Ahhhhhh, romance.

  2. omg i freakin love that embroidery tattoo!!!
    i bought a bunch of embroidery stuff a while ago but have yet to really try it out - only recently started doing anything with it in the "IDSS" art journal - sewing paper :) i guess that doesn't really count, but it's a start! :D


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