09 June 2009

My dream Couch!!

I have been searching high and low, online and offline, new and old for the perfect couch. I have been looking for quite awhile since my last couch met it's fate with my hair straightener (ooops!) It's honestly not that bad but it is at the same time. My present couch has done it's purpose, it has lasted me almost a good 7 years here. Unfortunately, it is time for a new one. Well, after searching and searching and searching I finally found one that I am soooooo in love with. In fact, if I were a couch, I would probably marry it :)
Brought to you by Urban Outfitters....my dream couch :)

It's neautral, the lines are clean and simple, it's very light-weight, and it folds out into a little bed for company. It is everything that a girl could ask for in a couch! Oh how I wish wish wish wish that this couch could be mine. And although it is priced well for a couch, I think, I am afraid we can't afford it :( I did want to post this in the blog though, in case we hit the lottery some day, so that I can easily find the link HERE and quickly go and purchase my couch :)
Dear Economy,
Thank you for crushing my couch dreams.


  1. Looooving your new look and thought I'd pop in to hug you today! squeeeze! Hope your week is happy!

  2. thanks! i was totally blown away!

    i'm sitting at work and all the sudden i yell "holy crap!"...the old guy walking in just laughed.

  3. p.s. did you ever get my email with my address? some other people are saying they haven't been getting emails from the school account i'm using.


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