15 June 2009

~margot's inspiration post~

hello hello!
i am so excited that janel has asked me to post about my inspirations! since my true passion is collage, most of my inspiration comes from colors, textures, and patterns from the world around me. it's extremely common that i will be walking and stop and sit on the floor to take a detailed picture...or be at a national landmark and taking pictures of bricks instead of the skyscraper like everyone else...or buy a shirt just to scan it to capture it's texture and then return it the next day! (shhh, that one is a secret! ha!)
here are 2 examples of this habbit of mine from today:

i think my obession with texture is what has driven my eye to doilies!
i've put a few new vintage doily themed accessories in my etsy store, so please go check them out and let me know what you think!
also, i've created this mosaic of some great collages/journal pages that inspire me lately! have a look :-)

1. Hope, 2. Bee Fairy, 3. Batik Rainbow, 4. "Play", 5. Economic Climate (close up), 6. "Heart", 7. I wonder...2nd art journal class, 8. House Fly, 9. Untitled


  1. Love all the collages!!! Great post, Margot! Love the pictures of the close-up patterns and textures! I'm going to have to try that very soon! Love it!!!

  2. Awesome post Margot!! I loooove the collage that you have in your Etsy, the Starry Night one, LOVE IT! Thank you sooo much for this awesome post girl :)


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