05 June 2009

A few things...

1* So.....last night was AMAZING!!! I finally got to to meet two of my blogging BFF's Margot and Jamie (ha! spelled it right this time). It was a blast :) It is so cool that you can hang out with people you have never actually met and feel like you have known each other forever. I love it. I loooooove how many close new friends I have made through my blog and the online classes I have taken, and so on. Some of my very best friends for life are people who I met through this :) Jamie and Margot and Margot's awesome sister, Rachel met my sister and I down at the Loop for dinner at Fitz's and then to The Moonrise hotel rooftop which was gorgeous. It was sooooo much fun and I love all of them so much and feel so blessed that I know them and that they are my REAL-LIFE friends now :) Here are some pictures that I stole off of Jamie's blog from last night:

Love love love them!! (Rachel, you need a blog!)
2* I also wanted to mention that today is the last day to join the second round of the Happy Mail group! It is sooooo rewarding and worth it and fun and you should totally sign up!!! Jeane, the girl who had me, spoiled me soooo much with the cute packages and parcels and mail that she sent me!! Today, was my most favorite though :) She sent me the cutest little red box jammed packed with a bunch of fun little artsy things. I can't even explain how cute it is. Like, ridiculously awesome. She had me at the Pirate eye-patch :)

I have looked through it three times now and every time I have found something new in it that I am in love with! My last package was also filled with awesome goodies, including deco-tape (my fave). Not only are the goodies awesome, she always makes the packaging soooooo cute too! I love checking my mail. She rocks my world :)
3* I am finally posting page four of my "I do solemnly swear" art journal from the class I am taking by Rachel Denbow. Again, I have not added any pictures to my pages yet so there are some pretty open spaces still where the pics are going to go :)

4* Sometime this week I am having an all day Scrapbooking day with my number one BFF, my aunt!! I am going to be working on finally putting something together with all of my wedding pics. I am soooooo excited!!!
5* I am also having a garage sale next Saturday!!! I spent all day over at my parent's house getting everything set up and pricing things. It feels really good to purge sometime, eh?
6* I love Xo5
7* My photobooth Friday pic!! Emjay is posting a big photobooth Friday post over at Polka Dot Robot today but I can not find her address so I am not sure that my pic will make the cut so I am adding it here. Adam actually took this with my computer this morning because he didn't have his phone or a camera and he didn't want to wake us up!! I figured I would use it because Catalina looks soo cute in it. I love when we sleep like this!

ok lovelies, I am off to watch a movie with my man, on the couch...can't wait!
love you all


  1. what a fun package! everything in there looks worth falling in love with.

    my boyfriend always promised to take me to fritz's...and then we moved. what a liar!

  2. How great. I think it is so fabulous the way the blogging world comes together and that pic of you and the pup is too cute!

  3. What an awesome box!! Jeanne's so great! That's like what I was telling you about for my birthday gift she sent me! I just keep taking everything back out and putting it back in again. It's sooo fun!!! I can't wait to see what you do with all those little treasures!!
    Thanks for the happy mail blog mention!!!
    And love your post of our evening!!! Can't wait to see what your sis got on her camera too!

  4. P.S. I just got up from the couch too. We all watched Paul Blart Mall Cop. The boys thought it was hilarious. It was funny watching them!

  5. I love you! you have the info for PDR you can post the photo if you want lovely ;)

  6. I so happy you loved your box!

  7. I LOVED MEETING YOU!!!!! tag you're it! come to nyc now !!! :-) will post some cute pics on my bloggie tomorrow! or if insomnia hits later!! missss you already!

  8. holy stash of goodies!! i love random boxes of fun things!
    how fun with meeting margot and jamie!!


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