25 June 2009

Blessings from blogging :)

I am not sure if I will ever be able to say enough how BLESSED I am. I am not sure what led me to blogging, why I made a blog or where I even found out about blogs but I am sooooo glad that I became a blogger :) Having a blog has been great in sooo many ways. Ways that I am not going to list because I want the focus of this post to be only about my favorite thing that has come from this blog.
My Friends :)
I have made sooooo many friends, life long friends, from blogging. Some blog friends have been there for me more than friends that I see daily. The connections that I have felt with people that I have never met is insane, really :) I have soul sisters all over this world now!!
I have also been able to meet some of these friends in REAL LIFE, which has been an even greater blessing. This post is a tribute to those blog friends turned REAL LIFE friends. Now, I want to meet all of you, seriously, I do!! You are all my real friends, whether I have met you or not, promisecakes, but this here is a tribute to the ones who I have been blessed to meet :)

1. Leigh-Ann

I met Leigh-Ann at the RVA craft weekend and she is awesome. Not only is she super cute and super talented, she is a genuinely amazing person!! I am soooo glad that I was able to meet her!!

2. Jodie

Well, my life would be pretty much pictureless if it weren't for Jodie!! She is my photographer and my friend. We have been fortunate to hang out, off the job, and I loooove her!! She is soooo talented, her eye for uniquness is ridiculous, and she is an awesome mother to three kiddos under 3!!! She rocks and I love her <3 3. Kimi

I met Kimi, online, trough my blog and some online classes. I met her FOR REAL at the RVA Craft Weekend! Kimi and I are sooo alike. We are definitely soul sisters and are already making plans to see each other again. She is so funny, so beautiful, and she is Xo5 for life!!

4. Margot!

Uummmmm....LOVE HER!! Margot stopped by St. Louis on her way to Springfield so that we could meet and it was a BLAST!! Margot is everything that she seems online and more. Her personality and smile is contagious. And every time I hear the phrase, Just Kidding, I will think of her forever!!! I am coming to NYC to see you some day, promise!

5. Jamie!!

Jamie is one of my most favorite people on earth!! She literally would do anything to make someones day better and she has done it for me a million times :) I met Jamie when Magot came in town and we all went out to dinner. Fortunately, Jamie doesn't live very far so we plan on hanging out lots and lots more :) Yay!!

6. Emjay!!

I love Emjay, she is the cutest thing ever!! I mean, look at her!! The bummer thing is that we met at the RVA Craft Weekend but did not spend much time together AT ALL. I got there late, and she left early to go get tatooed. Our paths crossed, and we mingled, but I have gotton to know her a lot more since we got back. I know that she is definitely someone who I will meet up with again someday!! Love her :)

7. Erin

I have met Erin twice, both times in Springfield at the RVA shop. She is soooooo cute and soooo sweet and someone who I am so excited to be able to call a friend!! Erin is also super talented and I am lucky to own some of her awesome RVA creations!! I will definitely be seeing Miss Sunday again :)

8. Jenny Star

OMG! Jenny is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I know, inside and out. She is talented, accomplished, sweet, smart, and one of my best friends. We met at the RVA Craft Weekend and we will be friends for life, I know this!! xo5.

9. Jari

Yay Jari!! Jari and I chatted a lot back and forth via blogs for awhile before we met at the RVA Craft Weekend. She is amazing. Instantly, we were connected somehow. She will be a dear friend of mine for life!! I love you Jaripie!!

10. Vivianna

Vivs is amazing and we have adopted each other as sisters :) We chat everyday and she inspires me DAILY!! I already treasure her friendship so much and I know that I always will. Vivs, you are amazing!! Love you!

11. Rachel

I have met Rachel a couple of times and she is as warm, and kind, and beautiful and awesome as she appears to be on her blog :) She is soooooo cool and I feel cool because I can call her a friend!! She is super inspiring and has challenged me to become more and more creative every day!! Thanks Rachel!

12. Elsie

Elsie is not only blogger turned friend but is also my creative role-model turned friend as well!! You will never meet a kinder, more thoughtful, more creative, more talented, or more driven girl! She amazes me daily and I am sooooo happy to have her as a friend!!

So, that is that. My blessings from this blog. Each of you ladies are a true blessing to me. Probably more than you will ever know :) I want to add so many more of you to this list too!!! If any of you are ever in St. Louis or close, let me know and we can hang out!!!
Thank you to all of you who read my blog, leave comments, send me emails, and tweets. You make my day...every day!!


  1. Awww, this is so sweet! Thank you for your kind words!!! I was thinking of doing a post like this as well!!! Love you!!!! xoxo

  2. You really are the BEST! I love you for lifer Sister ;)

  3. aww, this is a really sweet post.

  4. i seriously just teared up a bit! :] i still kick myself in the pants daily for not getting to know you girls a bit better over the rva craft weekend...i let my shyness get the best of me for the most part...lame, i know :] but word on the street (i spoke with kimi a while back) is that kimi is planning a trip to st louis sometime this year. maybe i can schedule a few days off from work and make the drive and we can all hang for a bit :] i'm itching for another road trip!

    thanks for all the kind words...you're wonderful, and i consider myself privileged to call you a friend as well!


  5. thanks, Janel! You're the sweetest!

  6. what a sweet post!!! and i loved meeting you too Janel! You are really incredible and i love being your friend :)

  7. awww this is so sweet!!!i feel honored to call you a friend too!! :-) thanks, this made my day!

  8. i knew i should have made it to that RVA craft weekend. : ) such amazing people all in one place. i realllly hope they have another one... i will notttt miss it. love the post... : )


  9. What a lovely post! And I'm so with you. It's amazing to me the amount of incredible women I've "met" through blogging!

  10. i want to be your blog friend! :) hmm... st. louis... how far is that from palm beach? :(

  11. J!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THank you so much for your kind words!

  12. SOOO sweet! I love that you've been able to meet so many of your blog friends in real life! most of mine are so far away... but it would be awesome! thanks for your kind words friend, you rock!


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