12 June 2009

Photobooth Friday <3

All day today, I sat outside, on my couch, in my parent's drive way. I was a total hoosier and I am ok with that. The weather was gorgeous and my sister and I worked on getting our garage sale ready for tomorrow :)
My photobooth Friday picture is representative of my day today. Check out the gorgeous sky.

Beautiful day. We might also have some great new opportunities for Adam opening up in the horizon!! We shall see :) I hope everyone has a great weekend. Check back tomorrow afternoon for a VLOG where I will announce the winner of the give away!! I am excited!


  1. lol...love it!! can't wait for the V to the Log!!
    just about to post my photobooth pic...
    miss ya!

  2. and you were chatting with me online. Guess what? later in the after noon a fell asleep at my desk. ha!

    love you ;)

  3. I might be a real dodo bird...but what is photobooth friday?
    I'm Australian..... :)

    You are such a cute girl.


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