24 June 2009

Survey says...

Miss Ashley did this survey over on her blog and I wanted to do it too!!! Here it goes:

Outside My Window
sunshine, lots of trees, most likely the baby deer that have been hanging out here lately :), and hummingbirds. I love the view from my living room!

I Am Thinking
about what project to tackle next, how lucky I am to have a husband who takes out the trash, does the dishes, and all of the grocery shopping.

I Am Thankful
for sooooo much! Everything that God has blessed me with, even the thorns, everything!

From The Kitchen
not much food in our kitchen :) I have actually been doing my sewing there!! The counter tops are working well for crafting.

I Am Wearing
My 'Make Art Not War' favorite T-shirt and a pair of Adam's boxers :) They are sooooo comfortable for lounging around.

I Am Creating
well, I just got finished with my quilt top, and Sierra's patchwork pillow that she won from my give-a-way. i am still working on both My Neverland and Wonderland mini books, I am also making more pretzel charms and starting on my craft swap projects!!

I Am Going
to take a shower really soon to tame this afro I have going on from the humidity :)

Around The House
I looooove my house!! Right now there are scraps of fabric, and thread, and mini book kit supplies strewn all over the floor:)

One of My Favorite Things
My blog friends!!!! Seriously, I am constantly so blessed by each and every one of you girls!!!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
go to the fabric store, finish this quilt, water walk, send some mail, make fun packages for people I love!!!, start a new Summer Siesta Bible Study with some of my favorite ladies, clean clean clean, post pics of my living room!!

Yay! I love those little surveys and I would love to read any of yours if you decide to do this! If you do it, please leave me a comment so I can jump over to your blog and read yours!!!
I love you!!
Three posts in one day!! For reals??!


  1. ah!! im so excited the pillow is done! cant wait for it to get here <3 I dont have anything to fill it though, or a sewing machine to sew it shut >.< If you could stuff it i would really appreciate it.. but if you cant maybe i can figure something out to stuff it??

    ps. i have a "make love not war" tee, but i think i like your version better =p

  2. I am going to do this on my blog in the am. What a cute idea! By the way...got my gold sparkle Toms is the mail yesterday :) I am loving them! Happy Mail has yet to make an appearance in my mailbox...I never thought being patient would be this hard :)

  3. "stole" the survey and completed it on my blahg.

    loove the quilt top you just finished. very, very nice.

    how's your ankle doing? i hope well!!!

  4. I'm the lucky one...thank goodness you took over the laundry! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you Bee.

  5. adorable pic of you.

    love all the posts!
    what a great blessing to have such a terrific husband! (And I know one when I see one, 'cause I've got one ;)

  6. I want to do this...;)

  7. I am going to do this on my blog as well. May start this daily, I think its an excellent thing to do.


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