15 June 2009

Fashion AND a History Lesson?!

Hey everyone! Ashley here from Almost Exactly. Janel is like, the most awesome ever for inviting me to be a guest blogger today! I really I hope I do it justice! lol

Sometimes, I like I should belong to a different era. Which one, you ask? Well, any of them! Sometimes I feel like I should be a Greek goddess lounging around Mount Olympus eating grapes. Sometimes I feel like I should be a damsel in distress...waiting for my knight in shining armor to save me from a fire-breathing dragon. Other days I feel like I should be a flapper...sitting on the edge of a piano or doing the Charleston!

Ok...so maybe I just want to dress like I'm from a different era (sorry, I really like my laptop, cell phone, and Starbucks!)! But, some of the fashions right now that we love so much aren't so new...just reborn from older fashion styles!

Here are some of my favorites that have been inspiring me lately:
[all photos found on google image]

1. Leggings:
Whether they're leather, shiny and metallic or just a plain color...these scream '80's' and I love it!



The 80's are totally making a comeback...and I think it's just rad. :)


Oh yeah! Did you know that Members Only was recently bought and they're bringing everything back and adding their own line of jeans? Sweet!

2. Headbands
These come from a lot of different sources (think of the Native Americans as the earliest American influence)


But my most favorite of all was worn by flappers during the Roarin' 20's:


Here's a lovely lady wearing one now! :P


Headbands are perfect for adding a bit of independent style to any casual look.
(oooh...I sounded like a real-life fashion reporter, huh??)


3. 50's Inspired Dresses
This is my FAVORITE! I've always wanted to wear these dresses...but my body is just not made for them. So sad. :(


Here's a couple of inspired dresses from the 1950's:


And don't forget about the bathing suits!


4. Gladiator Sandals
Ok...so these aren't an absolute favorite. But, these are HUGE right now for the summer. You can thank the Greeks and Romans for this one. :)



AND Here are a few places where you can find some of these things:

Urban Outfitters
Members Only

So there you have it, folks...a little fashion AND a history lesson! If they could have done this in high school I think I would've been a little more interested! Haha

What's you favorite fashion comeback??


  1. OMG!! I want to go shopping sooo badly now :) My favorite fashion comeback is big hair bows :) I wore them in kindergarten and I am wearing them now!!

  2. Awesome, Ashley!!! Love that yellow bathing suit!

  3. I love this post Ashley!

  4. wow- ashley. awesome post!! did you put all those pictures together? now im wishing i would have done a little bit more on mine! HAHA

    I love all the fashion statements you described, except the gladiator sandles- im just not a fan! The 50s bathing suits are amazing, especially the first one. And they are SO flattering to the more curvy of the body types.

    awesome post, my love!


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