15 June 2009

monday Inspirations...

I am so excited about "monday inspirations" today :) While at my garage sale Saturday I was thinking about what was inspiring me. I kept going back to all of the blogs that are my daily reads and the lovely ladies that write them who I am able to call friends. I love them sooooo much and they inspire me soooo much <3 So, I came up with an idea to email these ladies and see if they would like to guest blog on my blog today and share THEIR inspirations with you!!! I was curious to see what kinds of things inspire them, since they are always inspiring me!! Obviously, I didn't give them much notice to get something ready, since I emailed them Saturday night...but I did have a few takers!! So, continue to check back today (lots) for more fresh inspiration from my very inspiring E-friends!!!
Also, if I did not have your email address (which I know is a lot of people) and you would like to be a guest blogger today and share your inspiration, let me know!! We have a lot of hours left in this day :) Thank you!! My email is janel(dot)maclean(at)gmail(dot)com :) I would love as many guest bloggers as possible!!
**On a side note: The garage sale went soooo well that the "dream couch" has been ordered!!! It says to allow six to eight weeks for delivery though....I hope that is NOT right because so far, it is torturous not having a couch. Especially now that I am not supposed to be walking for a few days!!

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