14 June 2009

winner <3

Oh my goodness! Please excuse my appearance in the following Vlog :) It's been a crazy day and I did not straighten my hair or attempt any make-up or anything :) But I love you all and I wanted to do the Vlog anyway :D
Go ahead and watch as Adam (aka Indie) and I choose the winner of the Patchwork pillow give-a-way...

give-a-way winner :), originally uploaded by janel m.

Oh and we had a really cute ending that apparently got cut off because it was longer than 90 seconds :( Sorry Flickr!
Anyway, Congratulations!! Go ahead and email me at janel(dot)maclean(at)gmail(dot)com
Have a great night. I have a really cool inspirational Monday post planned tomorrow so definitely check back :)


  1. What a beautiful couple you make. I love you hair Janel.

  2. how come you are so stinking cute??? and HI Adam! :)

  3. omg! omg omg omg! i've never won anything in my life! haha i'm so excited! thank you! e-mailing you now <3

    Oh, and janel your hair looks great! and you two really are a great couple =D

  4. You both make a cute couple. And its nice to put a voice to your faces. And you looked Great Janel.


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