29 June 2009

More quilting love

I can't help it. Like I said, I am obsessed. Before I get to quilt #3 (and it is amazing, trust me), I have to tell you about a book. This book:

If you know my dad, you know that he loves the library. He is a reader, like me, and enjoys going to the library, almost daily. In fact, when he retires, he would love to work there. The library would be soooo lucky to have him. Anyway, he has this habit of buying A LOT of the books on the for sale table. It's like the books that are wicked old or beat up looking and the library doesn't want to shelf them anymore so they sell them for 25 cents. Well, if my dad knows that you like to read, you are DOOMED. He buys any book he thinks that you would like and then you have a bazillion books. Just kidding dad, you know I love it. ha! Anyway, he knows that I am currently obsessed with quilts and so today, he brought me home this book. Most times, I "accidently" leave the books he gets me at their home but he told me that he read the introduction of this book and he KNEW this book was for me. Now when my dad says things like this, and means it, it melts my heart, like literally, I will probably keep this book forever because the fact that he said that :) So, I open the book and the first sentence had me..."A quilt is like a little diary." That is like my whole philosphy about quilting!! So much thought, patience, planning, and love goes into a quilt, and that is why I love them. That first sentence grabbed my attention so well that I read the whole book. The book is a HOT MESS, falling apart, copyrighted in 1986, but it's soooo perfect! Thanks dad :)
Well, I was so inspired by the book and by my last post that I decided to get out all of my fabric and start the Modified Bento Box quilt. I didn't have enough of what I needed to get all of the fabric cut but I couldn't wait to get sewing!! I went ahead and started all 16 squares and sewed two rings each around each block. I had to see what it was all going to look like. Here is what I got finished tonight:

My least favorite part of quilting :(

I am really excited to be doing a more complex quilt and one that is sooooo lovely! Each block still needs two more rings around them. Then the blocks will be cut into 1/4ths, mixed around with others, and then sewn together again to form new blocks! Sweet!
I did all of this work on my new baby, Betty:

Another sweet gift from the world's greatest dad <3
I will definitely post more pics as I progress on this quilt.
Adam's interview was today and it seemed to go really well so please pray that we hear some good news really soon!!
Have a super night!


  1. totally in love with this one! eeeek! :]

  2. absolutely gorgeous Janel!

    I love quilting too. It makes me so happy.

    I love coming here to visit.

  3. holy i love you!
    and i'm still playing catch up...
    and i miss you!
    and i want to quilt now!

  4. Looking great, girly! It even looks really pretty the way it is now! lol I want to start one SOOO bad right now I can't stand it! But sadly something is wrong with my sewing machine...and I can't figure it out :( But as soon as I get her fixed...watch out! haha

  5. Do you sell you quilts?

  6. I want to adopt your Dad!

  7. oh wowwww! pretty pretty!

  8. oh wow. these colors and prints are gorgeous. i can't wait to see the finished product.

    you're making quilts so fast you could sell them. i envy you and your free time!

    your dad sounds like an awesome one. the library story touched my heart, because when/if i do retire i've thought about working at a library...or just spending every day there.

    keep quilting!!


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