15 June 2009

*PolkaDotRobot* Art Journal Inspiration

Hi! I am Vivianna from Polka Dot Robot
I am sooo happy to be here today on Janel's blog as a guest blogger ;)
Last week was a emotional and tiring week for me. Even though I was having a really bad week some good things came out of it.

Rachel's photo
I started Rachel's online art journal class and met some really amazing people through the class. This is a new kind of journaling for me and it was a little hard to get started but once I did...it just poured out of me.
Here are a few of my pages that I made this past week.

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Now play it with me
let your heart meet mine
~Lykke Li

Everyday it's non-negotiable
that I... Journal, stay positive, love myself

If you would like to see more into my art journal visit here
When I do any art journal page I use what I have around me. I don't go looking for stuff to use because then the page doesn't come naturally. I was told once by Rachel to sit in front of my stuff and take a deep breath and go for it. If you would like to start one of your own art journal pages then I challenge you to it! if you need a little help I will get you started.

This is a simple art journal page...you will need...a blank page (i have a journal) masking tape, black marker, photo, button, needle and thread.

* cute 2 strips of masking tape and place then on the top of your journal page
* write these words, with your black maker, "Everyday it's non-negotiable that I..." on your 2 strips of masking tape
* take your photo, button, needle and thread and sew your button on your photo
* attach your photo to your journal page
* under your photo write the rest of the sentence above



  1. Yay!! Vivs, you rock :) I am going to do an art journal page right now!!

  2. So great, Vivs! I'm so glad something good came out of your difficult week! Love your pages so much! xoxo

  3. That's it...I'm going to have to cave and just get a new journal notebook so I can do these! lol

    Awesome post!! :)


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