25 May 2009


Well, the second half of the unplugged challenge was to document it and share with the blogging world :)
No internet...

No television...

Adam and I had planned this day to be our unplugged day, last week. We had planned to spend the day seeing St. Louis sights. Our main goal for the day was the Missouri History Museum. Adam loves the history of the Civil War and their featured exhibit was all about quilts!! Perfect for the both of us. As smart as we are, we didn't think to get online the night before and get the hours, directions, phone number, nothing :) Obviously we could have called information or had someone else find the info for us, etc, but we literally didn't even think of that :) Our plans were spoiled and we decided we were on our own...my morning plans were to help my mom get my dad a new matress for his birthday/Father's Day. Adam's plans were to go to church and go to Target.
So, I woke up super early, wide awake at 6:00am, full of inspiration. At first, I stared at my laptop longingly:

But then, I went into the craft room, dug out some "Springy" fabric, my cutting tools, pins, and my sewing machine, and whipped up a lovely Spring Apron to give to my mom as a gift when she came to pick me up :) (You can never give your mom too many tokens of gratitude my friends)

She looked soooo cute modeling it :)
My mom and I had sooooo much fun running errands!! We went all over the place: Macy's, Gap, Archivers, Borders (my fave), The L-Bizzle, Target, and Sams. Target should count as like 50 stores because we walked the entire Greatland Target at least 15 times looking for the Orla Kiely canisters for Nicole with NO success :( It was fun because I can not tell you the last time I had been at a mall!! Crazyness! We had major business to take care of, and we accomplished a LOT! Fun times spent with mom is a great way to spend a morning :)
At this point it was like 3:00 and I felt sooooo bad that Adam had been stuck alone "unplugged." I tried calling him many times to tell him to go ahead and "plug" himself back in. I mean just because I am taking the challenge, doesn't mean he has too! But no answer...
When I got home, I had found out he had went to church (great sermon), read comic books and then went to sleep, so I didn't feel bad anymore :) It was a great day for a nap :) After we got settled, Adam and I headed over to my parents house for dinner! I love family dinners, they are the best!!
We played outside with Cat for a really long time and just enjoyed the beauty of Spring in my dad's yard:

After dinner, Adam and my dad usually retreat downstairs to watch a movie and even after all of the peer pressure (dad) Adam stood firm and suggested we play cards:

which was sooooooo much more fun than watching TV or reading blogs. It was a blast and we played for over an hour! I, of course, was the big winner :) Big winner doesn't mean much when you're betting with nickels but I left with $3.75 :) Score!!
After my parent's house, we went back home, Adam took another nap while I immersed myself with beautiful music (Larson, Bon Iver, Slumdog soundtrack, Once soundtrack, Deftones, Marie Digby, Ben Folds, Ingrid Michaelson, etc)...and went back to creating!!
I made the most beautiful patchwork pillow (Pretty online class project) to use in our soon-to-be completely re-done, Rachel Denbow inspired living room. I love it!

I can not wait to make more pillows, and curtains, and a table-cloth for this room :)
I added a lot more to this pile:

No, the chihuahua is not for sale :)
Made a dent on this room:

looks muuuuuch better than the previous post eh??
I also spent a lot of time with my journal <3

When Adam woke up, we layed on the couch and read Harry Potter-Book One to each other (magical) <3 I love to re visit that series every so often <3
And even though I was still awake at midnight, and again at 2:30am, I didn't once feel the need to get on my computer!! What a fun day. I got soooooo much done and spent a lot of time creating and cleaning...it was great!! I will admit that at one point I did look at the clock and thing OMgoodness, SEVEN MORE HOURS!?!?! But honestly, that only lasted a second :)
Great day of being unplugged, we will definitely do it more often :) Thank you Jodie for challenging me, I enjoyed it.


  1. this is such a good idea.
    maybe one day i will try it out!your craft room is so cute, so were the apron and pillow! successful day for you :)

    ...the upside to being unplugged, you totalllllly get a lot more accomplished!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I love that pillow you made soooo much!!! What great colors! What an awesome day!!! Congrats on sticking with it!!!

  3. I forgot.. I left you a message on my blog.. because you wanted to see my painting(s) :D
    You can also check http://www.seniwithlove.nl

    see you in class :D

  4. would I like an nkotb shirt??!!

    how could any true lover of the eighties say no?!

    by the way, you're craft room is ammaazzing. i have a super small one bedroom apartment, so my craft room is the couch and the kitchen table--but, you've got to make it work, right?

    hope you're having a lovely memorial day!

  5. What a cool idea :) You get so much done! I really like your apron and pillow!


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