06 May 2009

xo to the fifth power

So, I did a fun journal page last night for my girls!! It is fun :) The prompt is to draw a little sketch of certain people that you love and then write them a little letter. So, here is mine:

And here are some close ups of the individual notes:)

Oh how I love my new friends <3 What are some of your favorite journal prompts? I am obsessed with this type of journaling. To me, it is more fun and freeing. I carry my journal everywhere and am constantly looking for good prompts!! If you have some favorites please list them in the comments section.
P.S. Nicole is home recovering and doing great!! Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes!!!


  1. OMG!! So I was almost in tears from the awesome drawing and lovely words you wrote about me. i wish i was there to give you a big hug! i love you darling with all my heart!!

  2. Glad to hear about Nicole....give her a hug and love from us for a speedy recovery!

    You are so talented....you exude creativity!
    -----------------------------------When is the next time I'm going to see your beautiful face in person?

  3. so so much love and sweetness, those were amazing!

  4. squeeze!!! i <3 you and xo5!

  5. What beautiful kind words about your new girlfriends. So special.
    I would love someone to write a note about me, the way you did.


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