11 May 2009


tonight I...

*  went to the dentist
*  got happy mail from Jenny!
*  played Sudoku
*  read in bed with my hubby <3
*  took a nap
*  wanted to punch the cable company
*  journal-ed
* had an amazing almost 2 hour chat with two of my best girls!
*  cuddled with my puppy
*  had a raspberry popsicle
*  ordered the last 1/2 yard of fabric to finish of my quilt top
*  ordered a pair of TOMS that I am going to embroider on
* was a guest blogger on Jodie's blog.  Check it out!
* praised all of my blessings :)

Good night bloggers!


  1. i love you so much!! you are so on top of things and wish your focus would rub off on me. i got my mags from Jenny yesterday too and was so happy to have mail from US magazine to me :)

    i am sorry i missed the chat, but i was knocked out!!

    miss you tons! love you tons!!

  2. Wow - you were a busy little beaver!


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