23 May 2009

Oh Today :)

Today is all about Spring Cleaning...massive cleaning, purging getting rid of EVERYTHING!! After all of the bridal showers, and weddings, and receptions (we still have one more to come) our home is busting at the seams. There is sooooo much clutter that I was finding myself getting crabby just looking at it and living in it. So, last night, Adam deemed today, Spring Cleaning day :) I have only done the living room so far and here is my garage sale/give-a-way pile:

Not to mention, the four bags of trash that you can't see. And remember, we just got rid of so much last month before our garage sale. I see another garage sale in our VERY near future :) The living room looks so clean, and fresh, and bigger. I already have a paint sample picked out to re-do the color. I am over the brown, it is sooo not summery. Rachel Denbow has inspired me with her living room pics:

and I am ready to just simplify the room and showcase only REALLY meaningful things to Adam and I.
I am really excited to make curtains for our sliding glass doors to the balcony :) loooove!
Next room to conquer is my craft room!! Yikes:

That is just one tiny scary glimpse into the room :) That is going to be one BIG project but Im excited, and inspired!!
Speaking of inspiration and happiness...my favorite LA girl, Jenny, sent me the cutest most special piece of Happy Mail!!!
Check this out:

This cute jar is filled with little slips of paper with journal prompts, quotes, questions, and inspiration :)

and it is also full of these amazing little, magical stars <3

I love you Miss Jenny Star!! soooooooo much, What a great way to brighten up a day of cleaning!! I love it and I love you :)
Off to clean some more...more pics soon :)
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  1. Let me know when you have a garage sale, I see some stuff I'm interested in!

  2. Ahh! I n.e.e.d. to purge again badly! I actually just had a yard sale today but it was mostly old clothes!

    And I can't WAIT to actually have a house of my own so that I can finally spread everything I own around and have more room to just breathe...I want my house to look like Rachel's soooo much! lol

    So, awesome job on the cleanup! I definitely want to see some after pics!

    Love! <3

  3. cool man! i'm spring cleaning too.

  4. ooooo i want to come to yourgarage sale :-)
    show us some aftah pics!
    you've inspired me to spring cleeeean! (?!?!?!) lol!

  5. Your spring cleaning is impressive. I just have gentle 'pruning' days, or occasionally a semi-enthusiastic purge, but your photos are incredibly inspiring.


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