03 May 2009

RVA craft weekend in review

Because I promised all of my pretty classmates a million pictures, this will be a very picture-filled post :) Even more than the last one. The last day of the RVA Craft Weekend was bittersweet. I took a lot of great classes, hung out with new friends, ate pizza house, red velvet cupcakes, and Reeces peanut butter cups, took lots of pictures, and had soooooo much fun at the craft party. Here is all of that in pictures!!
Jari and Kimi at the Screen Printed Embroidery Class
Vivianna taught me how to do a French Knot!  Yay!  looooove her!
Big Mamma's made us a bunch of delicous Red Velvet Cupcakes <3
Wildberry smoothie from Big Mamma's...staying cool with a Vivianna creation!
Tamara, Kimi, Leigh Ann, Jari
Yay!  Welcome sign at the Firehouse (which btw was beyond amazing)
Leigh Ann and I at the Dimensional Journaling class by Rachel....loooved this journal, loooved Leigh Ann!
My Messy space!
Elizabeth, Elsie and Emma's mom taught this Abstract Art Journal Class!
Sister Sister <3>
I loved the ceiling at the firehouse.
Vivianna teaching me her faces!
The lovely Rachel Denbow and I.
My completed 3-D journal
I totally made this cutie leather journal!!
Me and my "Indie Husband"
Beautiful Commercial Street!

Part of a huge mural in the firehouse (pictures by Adam :D)
Vivs reliving her kindergarten days!
Lacy, finishing her gourd-geous gord <3>
Jenny and Viv (looove them and miss them soo much!
Indie love
Leigh Ann at the craft party!
My lovely felt and mermaid pot holder
Jari journaling <3>
Crafting with Elsie (miss you!)
This was the crafty project Adam and Jenny were working on at the party :D  He was a natural.
My girls!!

loooooooove them.
RVA Craft weekend group pictures by Adam (Will was there to take the professional ones, can't wait to see them!)

Adam and Elsie.
My painted eyelashes...thanks Leigh Ann!
Kimi....love and miss her too!!
Emma, me and Elsie
Erin, Me, Vivs, Kimi
Rachel and Me saying final goodbye :(
One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.  Jari, I am framing this one!!
Yay Pirate Ship!!
Adam and Jeremy
Adam's new tatoo...what do you think??
All I can say is...best weekend ever. The weekend was soooo full of fun, inspiration, friendships, creating, music, laughing, sharing, rain, and love. Great weekend and thank you to all of the lovely ladies who made this weekend possible. I miss you and love you all!!


  1. great photos!!!! i can live vicariously through them!!
    so glad that you ended up going! yahooooo!

  2. That is a beautiful post Janel.
    Wow! It looks like so much fun and I wish Australia wasn't so far away.......
    You are so cute in your pictures.

  3. looks like it was soooooo much fun!
    i so wish i could have gone :(
    awesome pictures!!!

  4. This kind of makes up for nor being there...but not really.

    I am sure it was amazing!

  5. You've been to Firehouse?! I love Firehouse!

  6. Found your blog through Dirty Laundry-wonderful work! Love the 3D journal you created. looks like a great weekend too.


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