17 May 2009

HOLY give-a-way!!

**I am just going to copy and paste this post with the amazing Give-A-WOW going on over at our yellowbarnart blog. BUT...You must go over to the yellowbarnart blog to enter!!!***

Okay, here is the first, of many, yellowbarnart give-a-ways. You must be a follower of this blog to participate in our give-a-wow. So just click on follow this blog and join our amazing journey. As a winner of this give-a-wow, you will get all of these goodies:

Let me break it down now son:
2, 6B graphite sticks
pink and brown art supplies carrier
chip board pieces
crazy cut scissors
crayola gold twistable slick stick
2 glitters pen minis
black and brown markers
colored raffia and string
dye-cut pieces of paper

more chip board pieces, SLAM mini sketchbook and journal, sample water color and acrylic paints, Handy Art block ink, sculptey clay, and prang water color
bag-o-pom poms
travel journal pack
paper-mate crazy stripe pens
primary blick colored pencils
THE WORLDS BEST PENCIL (you know I love you if I'm giving up a pack of my favorite, all time pencils, Ticonderoga. Ask Janel, I'm so nerdy when it comes to these pencils)

Crayola 10 classic pack, Prismacolor Art Stix, Pentel 16 pack oil pastels, and an Elephant dung photo frame. These frames are so awesome and are from an amazing women I know, Mary Tevlin. It is made from natural objects and elephant poo. It is amazing. Unfortunately I have misplaced Mary's card, but I will for sure post a link to this great paper. It really is beautiful to use in journals, scrapbooks, and printmaking. Love it!

Along with all this great stuff, you'll get an exclusive yellowbarnart item...how exciting...made especially for you!!!

OMG, are you not so excited for this give-a-way. You NEED to follow our blog to get in on this stellar gift. Leave us a comment telling us your favorite artist and I'll pick the winner on
Tell all your blogger friends about his blog and give-a-way, maybe even post a link on yours, brownie points!!!!

Can't wait to hear from you and give you this awesome package!!! LUCK!

***HOLLA!! you must go over to yellowbarnart, become a follower, leave a comment, and tell all of your friends to win this amazing package. I am not going to lie, kind of wish that I could win it!!!! Great job to Nicole for putting this all together.***

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