18 May 2009

monday inspirations...

Today I thought I would share with you some musical inspiration via youtube :)
Here are some of the people who I listen to as I create because their music absolutely moves me.
I am so inspired by their talent, the sound, the music, and the lyrics.
Without music, I am not sure what I would do. There are so many times where I cannot describe how I'm feeling yet I can hear a song and feel completely understood. To me, music is a language, a love language
First up is Jeremy Larson. His music and talent has always been inspiring to me but since seeing him live, my love for his music has been taken to a new level. This video is just a glimpse into his talent. His music is amazing, and he is a great person:

Next up Bon Iver. Beautiful
And I loooove this song from Ben Folds :)

And I know I posted this one before but I looooove this video. It is totally inspiring :)

I loooove Andy McKee's acoustic guitar playing. I find his music very magical :)

Listen to them all and feel inspired, not only by the music, but by the people themselves and the fact that they are living their dreams by creating beautiful music...
Happy Monday loves

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  1. I love, love, love Bon Iver. My favorite song is Skinny Love.

    I saw a blogger on your site that works through a company that takes pictures for families who lose children at a young age. Can you send me her link? A family at work has a child on hospice and I'd like to talk to her. Thanks.


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