18 May 2009

My Favorite Things

One of the things that has been lingering on my to do list, has been: completing the "My Favorite Things," scrapbook from the RVA kit. Tonight...mission accomplished!!
Here it is:

All I have left to do is hole punch and bind it, and writing in the rest of the lists. In my mind though, this book is completed and ready to cross off of my list!!
My next area to conquer is filling the old Etsy shop with lots of new goodies :) Can not wait!!
On a side note or four:
* the new mattress and new sheets are AMAZING <3
* there is still time to enter the insanely huge give-a-way at yellowbarnart.
* Jenny Star is the greatest girl ever and I am sooooo glad that we got to talk tonight :)
* Leave me comments, it's one of the things that keeps me blogging!!
good night friends, I hope you enjoyed the musical post today. I kept going to the blog today just to listen myself :)
Good night good night.


  1. looooove your book! yay!!!
    i'm so behind on life it's sad... but hopefully by the end of the week i'll be up and going FINALLY! :D loooooves!

  2. Hey Janel~ the book looks great.

    I really love how your blog turned out.

  3. I love it too. :-) You have done a great job and the pages are so inspiring! :-)

  4. it turned out awesome! i love it and might steal the art=true love :)
    you are so creative it makes me jealous...in a good way.

    random comment question (i think i will do this ever time i comment..cause i am random) -
    what is your favorite movie?

  5. love love love your book :)

    Love the layout off your blog too :)

  6. cutcute album, it looks awesome all put together :]


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