16 May 2009

saturday re-cap

I feel like I have been doing a lot of these little re-cap posts lately and I promise I will post a really really good REAL post soon. I can not find my camera's battery charger anywhere and there are so many things that I want to photograph and post. As soon as I find the charger (which better be tomorrow or I am going to borrow my dad's) I will do a real post :) promisecakes!
today I...
* got a new matress and box spring (yay!)
* got neeeew really amazing 700 ct. sheets (sooooo soft)
* went flea market shopping with Nicole and my mom
* found a great vintage newborn scale for Jodie (can't wait to see it in some pics)!
* ate at McAllisters
* took a nap on my new matress (bliss)
* journaled a lot
* started and completed a painting (Ashley's give-a-way pressie)
* cleaned up a bit around the house
* read more of The Specials
* decided that I can hardley wait any longer to re-do my living room!
* wrote out 400 art show certificates for my kiddos
* counted out how many days of school left
* google mapped from here to Los Angeles :) 1 day 2 hour drive....yikes. Plenty of great places to stop along the way :)
* cherished moments sitting next to or laying next to Adam
* felt soooo blessed to married to him <3
* accidently stuck my finger into my fan (a vintage metal one)! I am just glad it didn't get cut off. I always assumed that it would.
Ok, that was my Saturday. Hoping for real posts tomorrow loves :) In the mean time. I will put some visual stimulation into this post via Flickr :)
Here are some things that are soooo beautiful to me right now:

lovely ladies with lovely tattoos <3

might just be my new favorite flower

cute fruit

heart shaped pbj sandwiches that Adam makes for my lunches :)

anthropologie craft room window displays
**That is it for tonight my loves. I have a little chihuahua dying to snuggle with me in my new bed :) sweet dreams!


  1. What a full day! Totally feeling inadequate since all I've done today is play online & ate lunch with my love. lol I really need to start going into the real world on Ronny's work weeks (although this is usually the only time I have to finish up all my stuff!) haha.

    And ouch! That totally sounds like something I would do! haha

  2. ooohhh.

    first time seeing the new design!

    loooove it.

    it does look "bomb", haha.

  3. i love the recaps. but seriously, find, charge, take off silent, and answer your phone. check my give away i posted on yellowbarn art!! ps my verification word is: coutize, is that really a word?

  4. i love the recaps also!!
    i also love the specials book. i read them all last year. i wish i could hoverboard!
    hope you had a wonderful saturday!

    ps...um, ya, i will totally go with you if you drive to LA!! We could go along route 66 and stop and see my family and go to the beach and california farmers markets LOL! wish i was a teacher so i had the whole summer off to roadtrip.

  5. How fun are those PBJ sandwiches that Adam makes for you.....LUCKY!


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