25 May 2009

Monday Inspirations...

I have been craving a really good cupcake lately (thanks Kimi). So, instead of driving to Jilly's Cupcake Bar, I decided to look for some lovely cupcakes on Flickr....Here is what I found:

Cupcakes l♥ve!, originally uploaded by ::sämyii::.

OMgoodness!! If your mouth isn't watering yet....Not only are they probably delicious, those cupcakes are works of art too!! The way these cupcakes are designed is totally inspiring to me :)
So, from Flickr, I decided to go to Etsy to look around for some more cupcake inspiration!! and here, again, is what I found there:
Some cutie-pie Scuplty charms:)

A cupcake dog collar (Catalina??)

oooooooh! this lovely cupcake pin cushion AND pins

Felt food cupcakes <3

And my favorite, the block printed cupcake plushie!

Yay!! I am off to create something cupcake inspired this lovely Memorial Day Monday <3 I am challenging you to make something cupcake inspired, anything, any media!! I double dog dare you. And when you accept this challenge, please leave a comment with a link to the picture of your creation. I'll show you mine if you show me yours :)


  1. So apparently the only way to get a hold of you is through the computer, so do you want to go to the gypsy caravan today asap? It started at 9. Call me back -Nicole

  2. Yum! Super cute and beautiful!!!

  3. omg those are the cutest cupcakes! i found this girl on flickr who makes the cuuuutest cupcakes, you have got to check her out:


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