19 May 2009


soooooooooooo bored. My book has gotten to the point where it is soooo good that I need to slow down reading it because I don't want it to end. Have you ever had a book like that?
So now I am in my room, playing on photo booth :)
My chalkboard wall paint says I have to wait three days to write on it, can that be right? I want to draw all over it but I have one more day to wait.
Today was decade day at school so I sported crimped hair, HOT pink dangley earrings, a Joey McIntyre NKOTB T-shirt, tight rolled pants, and my converse all-stars!! I was soooooo 80's. I wish I would have gotten a picture. It was cute!
I put My Favorite Things scrapbook all together, it is bound. I also finished the lists so now it really is done and done!
Next order of business is to learn to crochet. I can knit like nobodies business but I just don't GET how to crochet. I may need to take a class.
Tonight I get to chat with some Xo5 girls so I am soooooo happy about that!
I may post again tonight, cross your fingers <3


  1. i love you and your crazy hair!

  2. i have chalkboard paint ALL OVER my house, and i draw on it as soon as it's dry. i've never waited longer than an hour, and it hasn't messed anything up yet, so i'm sure you're safe!

  3. cute headbands! i'm finally up, sorta! the chat was fun! i missed you guys!

  4. i know exactly what you mean, when i read The Time Traveler's Wife i COULD NOT put it down. you have amazing will power!

  5. your such a nerd...but the good kinda nerd, not the looser table nerd. i miss you sthneey. come over tomorrow night. check my new post on yba!!!
    word: mutro

  6. ohmuhgoodness--being one of the very few people who participated in 80's day at my high school (a couple years back--i went down the madonna alley) i applaud (and am jealous of) your nkotb shirt sporting.

  7. Okay... so I am bringing out my inner nerd...but Joey was my favorite NKOTB. I was kicking myself for getting rid of my Joey t-shirt this year when I ended up getting tickets to their reunion tour. I so would of rocked that shirt!! It was such a good show. Anyhow...LOVE your blog. Always puts a smile on my face.


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