30 May 2009

Another Lovely Day <3

Not only is it a fabulous, sunny, 80 something degree day here...it has also been super full of fun! I woke up early and bagged up all of the items that Adam and I pulled for our garage sale (lots of stuff), cleaned the living room, and straightened up the kitchen. Adam, worked on all of our dishes, the laundry, and cleaning out our closet. A very productive morning. At around eleven, my mom came by with the CRV and we loaded everything up to store in her garage until the sale. After the unloading Adam and I decided to treat my mom to Jilly's Cupcake Bar. She has never been to a cupcake bar but we knew she would looooove it. We tried the Strawberry Cheesecake cupcake, the Dreamsicle cupcake, the Turtle Cupcake, and, of course, The Twisted Red Velvet...delicous!! This is all that is left of the cupcakes :D

I am slowly savoring the Red Velvet cupcake :)
When we got home I was bombarded with Happy Mail!!! Yes, I am truly looking forward to checking the mailbox these days...I love it! I got the most beautiful postcard from Guatemala from my lovely friend, Katie:

I collect postcards and I did not have any from Guatemala which makes it even cooler!! Katie, by the way, is a very amazing woman and I am soooo lucky to have her as a friend :) We used to teach together and then she became the world's greatest Arbonne consultant and is able to stay home with her gorgeous little Guatemalan :) Check out her blog to read more about her and the mission trip that she just took to Guatemala :)
I also recieved a new bracelet from the Invisible Children campaign that I am part of!

What I would give to be able to go on a mission trip to Africa!!
Next up, a fun fun Xo5 package from Kimi!!!

I loooove everything that was in it. It is representative of her five favorite things :) I am sooo lucky to have Kimi as a bestie!! Thank you Kimi for the amazing package :) I adore it and I am already wearing the chapstick :)
Also, my RVA package came! Yay!

my favorites are these ACEO's by Elsie and Rachel...love them.

And speaking of the ACEO's, I decided to store them in my vintage Holy Cute album that I also got from RVA:

Well, I was so inspired by all of the great mail that I recieved that I decided to get crafty myself :)
I did some painting:

and made some scupty charms of two of my most favorite foods :) Soft pretzels and cupcakes...yummy!

I am soooo digging the rhinestone salt on the pretzels. I think that I want to share the Happy Mail wealth with my readers so...who wants a charm?? Let me know! First come, first serve :)
I loooooove my readers
I am going to try and talk Adam into helping me do the second coat of cake batter in the living room. I can't WAIT to get all of that painting done and all of the furniture put back in it's place...wish me luck :)
bye <3


  1. Wow! What a productive day!! And I totally want to go to a cupcake bar..what a treat!

    Oh oh! Pick me! I want a charm haha - they're all too cute!!! :)

    Hope the rest of your weekend is boss (haha, 'boss')! :P


    PS - my word verification is 'kinki' - haha how funny is that? :P

  2. yayay!! i am so glad you loved the package! did you get the travel journal also?? and the chapstick didn't melt did it??

    i love the charms, did you just use the sculpting clay? i have some of it and was actually think about making charms today also...so weird!

    we were totally on the same wave length today!! loves you so much!!!! (4 explanation points much!) :)

    have a great rest of the weekend loves!
    xoxo kimi

  3. Oh I love it all. I love the charms they're cute enough to eat :)
    I would love to get one but you can surprise me :p
    Hope you have an awesome sunday!

  4. Your post has me feeling *very* hungry!

    ...and also lazy!

    I spent my day at an awesome antique show/flea market, though, so I'm not complaining...just pointing out that I'm kinda lazy. :)

  5. Anonymous31 May, 2009

    Sounds like an awesome day!
    AND, those charms are adorable and I would love one because they are AMAZING!!!

  6. What a great day! When we went to Jilly's, I got the Jilly on the Beach and hubby got the SAME one! What the heck?!?! I told him "you're supposed to get a different one so I can try it!!!" lol I had a pretty great Saturday too! Those charms are adorable!!!

    Ha! My word verification is "actsiddi". I was just picturing myself saying "act silly" in a funny way. Just thought I'd share, lol.

  7. i would lovelovelove one!
    i was just thinking how cute they were...the rhinestones are perfect! cupcakes are super cute as well.


  8. Cupcake bar? Yummmmmmmm. Loving those charms!

  9. seriously your stuff is ridiculously cute

  10. Anonymous01 June, 2009

    i do feel the silliest for never having tried a red velvet cake before!

    p.s. if you do drop by the obama exhibit, oh send my love to the vibes of the place or something along those lines, haha.

  11. WoW! What a creative day you had! I'm so envious!! Go you!

    Your such a jack of all trades! My goodness!! Quilting and sewing and sculpting (so cute!) I raise my hand, both hands! :)


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