04 May 2009

monday Inspirations...

I feel bad for not getting this out here earlier but, here is some inspiration for you all this lovely Monday....
Today for inspiration I am going to share some projects that I have been currently working on from the RVA craft weekend:)

I also wanted to let you know that we have posted our second challenge over at The Spark!! This month's challenge is all about:


Head on over to The Spark to enter!! I love looking through the flickr group at all of the entries. Happy creating <3
P.S. So, this weekend, Adam attained the nickname, Indie Husband :) He was soooo indie!! Anyway, we made the very "indie" decision to get rid of TV here. We rarely watch it, and the shows that we do watch can all be watched online or at my parent's if it's dire. Im very excited!! Our cable bill is ridiculous and TVs aren't going to go with the renovation Im thinking of having soon!! So, Adam=indie... remember that :) HA!
P.S.S. They are taking Nicole's appendix out tomorrow so please pray for her!! Specifically that God guides the hands of the doctors and that Nicole wakes up feeling soooo much better and has a speedy recovery. Thank you! <3


  1. yay for your totally awesome projects!! did you get vivs email!! I was just talking to Jari about the same thing!!! i miss ya! and yay for Toms!!

  2. Good decision with the TV! That's rad.
    I'll be praying for Nicole!

  3. My thoughts are w/ your sister. Can I send her a card somewhere?

    I tried twittering but I it doesn't seem your following me.

  4. I'm with you on the TV thing.
    We will definitely be praying for Nicole. What hospital will she be in? Is it outpatient or will she be there overnight? Would she want Pastor Mark and I to visit her?
    Looks like you had a great time over the weekend and learned lots.
    Love all your crafts...can't wait to see them.
    Been missing you....still have your prize to give you from my giveaway! Hope to see you, soon.

  5. your projects are great!
    I'm going to check out the The Spark for sure. :) I love toms too.

    I'm with ya on the no tv. When Ryan and I got married, we decided not to have one because it would distract us from reading together, or having conversation together. Now we got one just to play Simon's baby einstein dvd's, a little one. lol... so yeah, way to go on deciding to get rid of it!!

    Best wishes for Nicole's surgery and a speedy recovery for sure!

  6. Give Nicole a gentle squeeze from me.

  7. the album looks great! especially for doing it without instructions!! lovely! i hope your sister is feeling better, big hugs!

  8. I'll keep Nichole in my prayers.
    I was wondering if anyone took LA's summerbook class ... that is the one that I signed up for. Was hoping to see pictures of the finished product since I wasn't able to be there. I also signed up for Elsies journal class..do you know of anyone that took that one that has pictures and where I can see them at? thanks Janel.

  9. super rad RVA craft weekend projects! love the oven mitt!

  10. I did love your sparkly toms! WOW you took a LOT of classes and everything looks super cute!

  11. feel better to nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and lovely inspiration!

  12. This looks like sooooo much fun!!!


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