01 May 2009

looooong day...

Today was the day for our RVA fun-ness.
THis morning Nicole told me that she was having a bit of pain in her side and wanted to go to Urgent Care to quickly get checked out.
After an hour of waiting they said to go immediately to the ER...sounds like appendicitis.
My poor sister endured all kinds of tests and many many hours of sitting in the ER, only to hear that they can't see anything wrong with her appendix YET. They are pretty sure that this is a "smoldering" appendix. This means, that yeah, she may have an appendicitis attack sometime really soon but not just yet. POOR THING. Seriously I felt so horrible for her.
As we were leaving the hospital around 6:30ish, the doctor adds, and I definitely don't want you going out of town on your trip.
Sooooo...this is the lame part.
I got home, went to my room, climbed in bed and cried like a little kid. Ugly face, heaving breath, all of that. The weird thing is, is that I am NOT a crier. I am super emotional but I usually hold things in, and I barely ever cry, even when I am sad.
So, I cried and cried and cried. I asked Adam to please leave me be, and he did.
I have been looking forward to this weekend since January when it was announced. I saved every penny I had for this and used all of my birthday money to take all of these classes. I was also looking forward to meeting some of my Pretty Online Class friends too. A weekend sooooo full of inspiration and crafting, and amazing people....heaven!
I cried.
I couldn't figure out why I felt soooooo mad.
I obviously wasn't mad at Nicole. I am actually so happy that she didn't need surgery and will hopefully begin to feel better with the medicine. Like I said, the poor thing went through a lot today and did not complain or get scared once. She is amazing and I wish I could be more like that.
I realized that I was mad at myself.
I am so mad and sad that I am not a strong enough person to be able to get in a car, drive the 3 hours to Springfield and go by myself. I can't do that, and that makes me so sad.
I'm just not strong enough.
Well, 5 hours later, after sleeping and feeling sorry for myself, I am feeling better. I am still sooooo bummed that I won't be participating in the amazing weekend hosted by those amazing ladies but I am just focusing on the blessing that Nicole didn't have to get surgery and that she is at home working on feeling better.
Enough of my pity party.
I am excited to see pictures from the weekend but I know that I am going to be soooo jealous too :)
Have fun ladies!!
Take a lot of pictures
I will DEFINITELY be at the next one.


  1. What a shame. My good friend MeLissa was signed up and wasn't able to make it either. Hopefully the girls there will post lots of amazing pictures!

  2. I would have driven you there if you would have called me....

  3. Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about Nicole. It's good she's doing better though.

    Head over here and see if this helps any :) I'd love to see what you cook up on your Crafty Weekend. http://katiecupcake.blogspot.com/2009/04/to-elaborate.html

  4. You should totally go.... 3 hrs isn't that bad Janel..Do mapquest. I was going to be driving 9 hrs by myself...(you can do this)... like your sister my health got in the way and took me out of work until I can get what ever is wrong fixed. I cried my eyes out that whole day when I had to cancel my trip, had the exact same feelings as you did. I'd been dreaming about this the whole year. I know exactly what your going through.

  5. awwwwwwww, get in the car lady!!!!!!! do it do it do it!
    (i would cry too!)


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