15 May 2009

lovely rainy nights...

print found here
Tonight I...
* finished the quilt top for real! just waiting to learn how to bind (still can't find my camera charger but I will post pics as soon as I do)
* am listening to a thunder storm
* watched Serendipity
* read some of The Specials
* finished my knitta project and looking for a location
* journaled 2 awesome pages.
* am going to print this out and do it! (thanks kimi) and I totally suggest that you do too!
* miss my xo5
* miss my sister
* got the most perfect blog layout submitted by Ashley!!
* chose Ashley as the winner of my give-a-way already because I am in love with it!
* had to calm down my puppy because of the storm.
* made some more pin-cushion rings :)
* am dying to see Elsie and Holly's new tatoos
* am remembering that God is the reason for all of these lovely blessings :)


  1. Blog looks great!!!!

  2. eep! i am totally going to do those '100 ideas'! i've had it printed for a while now but forgot about it until now! thanks :)

  3. ASHLEY DID SUCH A GREAT JOB ON YOUR BLOG MAKEOVER! I actually gasped when I clicked on your blog, it's a STUNNER!


  4. Serendipity is one of my favorite movies!!! Love it!
    Can't wait to see where your knitta project ends up!!!
    Love that Keri Smith list! I printed it out awhile ago but have yet to do anything with it!
    Great list! Those storms last nite were uh-mazing!

  5. awww, totally awesome! i miss you so much and you are a rock star with to-do lists!!


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