02 May 2009

magical <3

Yesterday was sooooo amazing that there are hardly words. I met new best friends for life, hung out with Elsie, Leigh-Ann, Rachel, and Emma like it was no big deal, went to the best concert I had ever seen (and that is a lot), was moved to tears, had another in a thousand glimpses as to why I married the greatest man ever, and am now the proud owner of a pirate ship :D It was so "Magical!" That really is the only word that could describe my day. Since, I can't think of words, I will show pictures (which are way more fun anyway right?).
BTW-all photos are by my wonderful new BFF Kimi who was the photog for the day since I left mine in the car:

The only thing on earth that is cooler than yesterday, is today :) Today was another day full of magic and inspiration. I am sooooo tired though so I will have to post all about it tomorrow :)
Goodnight lovies!


    These pics are so inspiring!

    Everything is absolutely beautiful.
    I am so uber jealous of you.

    It all looks amazing and I am sure the pictures don't even being to do justice the wonderful time you are having!

    These pics SLIGHTLY made up for my sulking for being stuck in Utah. =(

    You are too cute!


  2. i'm so happy for you!
    it looks like an amazing time!
    i wish i was there- so so much!
    say hi to everyone for me?


  3. eeee i love your blog! i cant wait to do my last rva wknd post. i have so many cute photos to add! it was SO great to meet you! over and out from the airport. : p


  4. OOOOOH! That looks totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! I wish I was able to go sooooo badly!!!! The pics are awesome! What an amazing time!!! I'm so glad you got to go! Your hubby rocks!!!

  6. Anonymous03 May, 2009

    J and AM (double squared!) I am SO SO SO SO SO UNBELIEVABLY happy to have met the two of you! I miss you guys so much already! Thanks for being the coolest! You are so much fun to be around! Love your blog, btw! I'm always going to stalk you now. Please tell me when you come to the Calif. We'll eat yummy food, make stuff, and go find celebs! :) love you, miss you!

  7. Man... too bad we couldn't stay for the party!


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