10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day <3

My good friend Jenny, sent me a journal prompt the other day that asked, "What are some things that you have learned from your mother." Well, I think that this list would be a great way to show all of you the lovely things that my mother has taught me in my 29 years and the reasons that I am celebrating her today!! I literally have the best mom ever. She's my mom, my rock, and my best friend. Before I get to my list, here are some cool random facts about my mom: she was in People magazine, she was in a Super Bowl commercial, she was a flight attendant until she became pregnant with me, she started working at 13 so that she could buy herself braces, and she fought for her rights and helped to change the laws against weight limits for flight attendants :) How cool is she? Now, here is my list:
25 Things I Learned From My Mom:

1. kindness
2. acceptance
3. hand claps (the spades go tulips together, twilight's forever, bring back my love to me :D)
4. patience
5. how to shave my legs
6. positive self-esteem
7. how to wear make-up
8. always to have on clean underwear :)
9. Right tighty, lefty loosey :)
10. strength
11. forgiveness
12. how to do laundry
13. how to iron
14.how to cook certain things (she really did, but I don't really remember it) ha!
15. how to put on lipstick without a mirror
16. smart shopping
17. how to fold my towels beautifully
18. you choose what kind of day you are going to have, nobody else decides that for you.
19. There are big things in life and small things in life. Don't dwell on the small things.
20. Good morning, Good morning!!
21. how to cut a cake with dental floss
22. how to tie my shoes
23. Que Sar-a, Sar-a, whatever will be, will be :)
24. how to be a good friend
25. how to drive
and the most important one is that she has taught me how to be a wonderful mother myself one day. If I could be 1/2 the mother my mom was, my children will be very lucky :)
Thank you mom for being my Everything.
Happy Mother's Day!
I love you very much )


  1. awww, happy momma's day janel's mom!

    janel why was she in people mag?! that's awesome!
    i'm going to do this on my blog tooooo!

  2. she was modeling TWA flight attendant uniforms. She one of the ones they chose to be a model :)

  3. Awesome! What a beautiful list!

  4. that's so cool!!!!!!!

  5. ahh, i love your mom already! wish i could go and see you right now. if i left i would be there tomorrow :) LOL!! hope you had a wonderful mother's day. you are a doggy mommy :) loves you!!

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Kathy...you totally ROCK!


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