16 May 2009

new look

Is it weird that I want to marry my blog right now?? I mean, seriously, how bomb does it look right now! I will admit that when Ashley told me it was finished, and I clicked on it, I gasped out loud and ALMOST she a tear. I was sooooo blown away. Then, I just stared at it for a good 15 minutes!! This is nooooo exaggeration :)
My most sincerest thank yous to the lovely ASHLEY for turning my blog into a beautiful work of art.
Ashley is really good at that you know, making beautiful art....I am sooooo happy that she is FINALLY opening up an Etsy shop June 1.
Please leave Ashley some comment love here, she's a reader, and I am sure that she would love it!
Plus, you need to check out her blog, Awesome.
And her etsy shop!
On a side note: Adam came to bed at about 4:00 am and woke me up. He passed out right away but now it's 5:02 am and I am still wide awake. NICE!


  1. Holy Cute! Can I be in the wedding party??? LOL I love it so much! Everything is just fabulous!!!! Great job, Ashley!!!! You Rock!!! Janel Rocks too. ;)

  2. it is totally awesome. i might just need to do a blog header giveaway cause everyone is getting awesome blog makeovers :)
    sorry about you not getting to sleep until late. miss you tons and Great job Ashley.

  3. Aww...I practicially have my own post?? Haha! Thanks for the shout-out & like I said I'm sooo happy I could do it and that you love it so much!

    I totally wish I could've had your insomnia last night - I would have gladly switched with you!! :P

  4. L-O-V-E the new look!!


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