17 May 2009

pictures <3

hahaha! My dad would not let me borrow his charger (he didn't want it to have the same fate as my charger, I don't blame him) BUT he did give me a battery that was charged :) I am filling this post with pictures, pictures, pictures!!
First off, my quilt top :) I am seriously so proud of this. It took me about a week to complete the top and I am in love. It is my first quilt, but definitely not the last!! Here are some pictures of my gorgeous, memory-filled quilt top :)

loooooove it <3 I keep dreaming that it is a magical quilt that will suddenly bind itself but alas, it is not. I am ready to have this quilt finished so I can start another one so I need to do some research on finishing :)
Today, I painted a wall in my hallway with chalkboard paint. I am hoping to make this an organizational spot in our house, we shall see. While doing this, I fell backwards off of the stool I was standing on...Ouch! I am ok though :) Adam came to the rescue and finished painting the top part of the wall for me!! Here is the finished wall:

It is a pretty bad picture but, it's the far wall :) On the right, you can see part of the speech bubble by Rachel at RVA. I write Adam "to do" lists on that bubble daily before I go to work. There was never enough room for all of the things I wanted him to do so little does he know, I have a whole WALL to use now for lists :) hahaha!
Next, I promised Elsie a couple of times that I would post some pics of my house with her art work. After taking these pictures, I realize that I have become quite the art collector!!! Honestly though, her work inspires me beyond anything, and I have no problem supporting her art because I love it <3 and I love her <3 So, Elsie, these pictures are for you!! These are all of the Elsie orignals that Adam and I own :)

those are in my hallway

these two are my favorites and they are above Adam and I's bed, along with the treasure map vinyl :)

The "Sew in Love" painting is above my sewing area in my craft room!! Love it <3 Some ACEO love too!

sweet little bird on my craft wall shelf!

More ACEO's on my wall shelf too!

oooohhh! this is one of my favorites too! She is in my craft room, next to Adam's computer, along with some paintings of mine.

My inspiration boards filled with RVA love and more <3
Here are some close ups of Original Art by Elsie

If you look close at the big picture, you can see that I have the other crayon drawing of hers and an altered smaller painted girl, to the side of the inspiration boards. Didn't get a "good" pic of those two.

photo album and another ACEO!
Here is another favorite:) I love this piece. It is actually the first original that I bought of Elsie's and I loooooooove it!

Wow, that is it and I have many more on my wish list too!!! I just have to wait for another birthday or holiday until I can afford it :) Love you Elsie, hope you liked the pictures!
I am off to a BBQ at my parents now, so I will check back in later gators <3


  1. Beautiful & so inspiring! Love!!!
    Great job on the quilt! It's really beautiful!!!

  2. wow, you could open an elsie art museum! sooo much cuteness :]

  3. wow wow wow, gorgeous!

  4. aww, your home looks so cozy and cute.

    i've been wanting to start a quilt with a design similar to the one you posted pictures of. just wondering if it was terribly difficult??


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