22 May 2009

Happy Mail <3

After reading my post about mail, Jaime was inspired to start a "Happy Mail" group where she matches two people up each month who will send each other happy mail :) Of course, I was "in like Flynn!" Last week I recieved the COOLEST post card ever:

from this lovely blogger :)
It definitely made my whole day!!!
I also received some unexpeted happy mail today from my good friend, Janet, for no reason (which is the best reason :D) Thank you Janet!!! I looooooved it!
I have sent one package off to my Happy Mailee, Sandy :) And I am sending another one today!!! I have currently fallen in love with deco tape. I bought some when I was in Springfield from RVA and have since got many many more so I decorated her envelop with some lovely Matryshka doll deco tape and felt stickers.

I mean seriously, does it get any better than beautiful surpirses like all of these in your mailbox? I don't think so!!!


  1. fun fun! i just mailed my first batch of stuff to my happy mail recipient yesterday and am working on the next batch this weekend!

    that tape is super cute :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Awesome! What a great postcard! That package with the tape is the cutest! I got lots of happy mail this week too! So exciting!!! hehehe

  3. Oh I'm excited now. :) Great postcard from Jeanne. Love it.

  4. hiiiiii=) i'm just wondering, if i could write you a letter))) i'm very fond of communicating with pen-friends and would be happy to have one more friend of such a kind;) i'm not blogging on this resource, but I think it's not a problem just to start! if i could have more time...
    so, what do you think about my idea? would it be interesting for you to have some pen-writing with me, a Russian girl?;)

  5. I would love to be pen pals with a Russian Girl!! Email me your address :)


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