07 May 2009

the quilt

eeeeek! I am so excited I can barely stand it!! Tonight I started working on my very first quilt. I get soooo inspired every time Rachel posts something about a quilt she is making/made and I want to make one!!
I had bought all of the supplies to do this a LONG time ago, back when I was feeling really ambicious, and then it sat in the craft room until tonight. There was a stirring in my fingers that lead me into that room to bust out the supplies, and choose some of my most favorite Heather Ross fabrics!!

I have been hoarding this fabric for the perfect project and this is it!!. I am in love <3
One thing I love about Rachel's quilts is the fact that each quilt has a story behind it!!
There is going to be a story behind this quilt, or at least some symbolism too! Want to hear it?
This quilt is going to be made to remember my awesome RVA weekend. In almost every kit, from every class, there was some of the mermaid fabric. We all kept saying how much we had always loved this pattern. Also, the quilt is going to be made of only 5"x5" squares. I made the squares 5" because my new lovelies and I are called xo5 (as in to the fifth power). So, the five inches represent the 5 of us. I want this quilt to be a reminder of all the magic and inspiration and friendship that was had that amazing weekend in Springfield. So, that is it! My quilt, or the beginnings of it. I will definitely keep you posted on the progress as it comes along :) Thanks for all of the inspiration!!
P.S. I love all of the response from my last post :) If anyone REALLY wants to be my fun pen-pal, email me at:
janel (underscore) 007 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I would absolutely be thrilled <3
night night


  1. janel this quilt is going to be lovely!

    i am also just starting on my first ever quilt!--with batik fabric!

  2. omg i can't wait to see your quilt! what a sweet idea. i loooooveeeee those heather ross fabrics - i am obsessed with mermaids and sea creatures!

    p.s. i was totally serious about being penpals! i'm emailing you right now.

  3. L.O.V.E!!!!
    i'm going to do something so similar... thanks for the inspiration! :D love the story too! and fabric is insanely AWESOME! just like you my dear!

    tell indie hi!!!

  4. Can't wait to see it when you're done! Those are some of my favorite fabric designs!!!

    Join the happy mail group going on over on my blog! After all, you were the inspiration for it!!! ;)

    Have a happy Friday!!!!
    xoxo -j

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh, this will be amazing!

  6. are you a member of post crossing?? i love postcards too!! and packages and mail. i also love swap-bot.com
    miss you tons love bug!!

  7. Yay! These are some of the best prints out there in my opinion! Love that you're making it into a memory quilt.


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