23 July 2009

Reason #5,638 I love my husband...

When we still have 12 hours to go of driving, he doesn't mind going 45 minutes out of the way to make my day :)

That is right my friends!! At a rest stop in Buffalo I had seen that Niagra Falls was (only) 45 minutes off our path. Adam, being the amazing husband that he is said that we could definitely make the detour. Yay!!! Since it was out of the way and we were on a looooooong driving trip, we didn't spend much time there but we were able to get a taste:) Niagra Falls is amazing....

I hear that the Canada side is even more beautiful than that but we didn't have our passports with us so we couldn't go :( Next time for sure. Now we know all of the thing that we will do at Niagra Falls the next time we visit it. Sooooo cool!! Thanks babe for letting us go :)
P.S. I totally need one of these:

Thanks Faith for letting us borrow yours :)


  1. he should become a teddy roosevelt impersonator, and travel around.

    that was teddy roosevelt he was standing next to, right? if not, he should just be one anyway.

    loovely pictures!

  2. Hope you guys enjoyed NF. We only live about 30 mins from there and go as often as we can. Its so gorgeous!!

    great pictures. enjoy the rest of your vacay.

  3. Aw he's a keeper.
    What a beautiful couple you are.

  4. Wow - I want to go!! It looks beautiful!

    I didn't realize Adam and Roosevelt were the same height - cool!

  5. oh, and, BTW, I love the title for your post!! you are so cool!


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