10 July 2009

fun fun fun <3

Can I just say that we left for Massachusetts on Wednesday morning and it is now Friday morning and we are still not there!! We have had so much fun !! I am not kidding. On my list of things to do before I am 30, I had written take a spontaneous vacation and we did JUST that. This drive has been a “if you see something that you want to stop at, just holla!” As a group (my mom, Nicole, Adam, and I) decided that we could not drive through Pennsylvania without seeing Frank Lloyd Wright's, AMAZING, Falling Water. So Wednesday we traveled through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania . I must say that out of all of those states, Pennsylvania was the most picturesque. Falling Water is actually up in a mountain in kind of a small town atmosphere and it is toooooo stinkin cute. I loved the area.
Here are some of my favorite pics from Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

Ok, Falling Water....there really isn't any possible way to describe it. The beauty and creative architecture, attention to detail, and the marriage between all of that and nature....amazing. I can say that if you are planning on taking this trip, you have to do the deluxe tour. It is only a little more expensive but you get to see the whole house and you get to take pictures (this is not something that they ever let you do in a FLW house). So, because I have pictures, I am just going to let them do all of the talking:

At Falling Water we met another FLW enthusiast who told us about another FLW house about 15 minutes away in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania called Kentuck Knob. The vote was unanimous and we decided that we NEEDED to go and tour that as well. Again, it was beautiful. Two completely different style houses, both by Wright...very cool. Another cool thing about it, was that the current owners of this house are huge art collectors and they had made a sculpture garden on the grounds....really cool. Nicole loved the Claus Goldenburg sculptures :) She is the cutest art teacher ever! Here are some pics of that side trip:

After the second Frank Lloyd Wright tour we were very serious about getting to Massachusetts!! Four hours into our drive to Massachusetts we saw an exit sign that said “Hershey 2 miles.” As in Hershey, Pennsylvania!!,as in the chocolate capital of the USA, as in heaven!!! Adam is such a champ and said, “Let's do it!” We were on our way to Chocolate World. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness!!
It was amazing and delicious, and soooo much fun! (Don't worry Janet, I got you a souvenir :D) We went on a factory tour which was more like a ride in Disney World, it was really cool! Then, we went on a city tour of Hershey. This city tour was so informative. I think it is safe to say that you would be pretty blown away to hear what an amazing and generous person Mr. Hershey was. I may have to start cheating of Dove chocolates now and only buy Hershey. He was so great!!

We left Chocolate World at about 9:00 pm and continued on our journey to Massachusetts. Adam was awesome (us girls were exhausted) and he drove on three more hours until we all needed some sleep. We got a hotel room, right on the border of Pennsylvania and New York (Margot, where are you?). We are currently in Connecticut now and on our way to... the ERIC CARLE museum in Northhampton, Massachusetts:)
He is my favorite children's book artist and author. I love his work, it's magical. I can not wait! I have been to Massachusetts three times before this and have tried to make it there each time with failure!! After the museum, we will only be an hour and a half from Adam's parent's house :)!!! I can not wait to see them, can not stinkin wait! I can not tell you how blessed we have been on this trip. Great weather, great traveling companions, great sights...great times! I will again soon! Love you all and miss my e-world :)


  1. The picture biting the apple is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. I'm sooooo stinkin' jealous!!!!! What an amazing trip!!! The houses AND Hersey AND the Eric Carle Museum?!?!?!?! Hello?!?! You're my adventure hero!!!! =) Awesome pictures!!!! What a wonderful time!!! So glad you're all having fun!!! Miss you!!! Love ya!!! xoxo

  3. you look like you're having sooo much fun! it's great that you guys are enjoying yourselves and making the vacation an adventure!

  4. It looks like you're truely having a great time- i love it =D I went to hershey a couple weeks ago, gotta love the singing cows =p I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  5. Anonymous10 July, 2009

    what an amazing trip!
    i'm so jealous! it looks like you're having a fabulous time!

  6. Ok, so I came home and was telling Brian about all your adventures. I don't know why...I'm feeling super chatty tonite, LOL. I was trying to think of the book we had by Eric Carle (Brown Bear, Brown Bear) so I went to get it because it was bugging me that I couldn't think of it. I got it out and Grayson wanted to read it. We read it at least 4 times and of course, he would "read" it because they pick up on it so quickly. Brennon used to do the exact same thing. Anyway, I just felt like sharing that. You inspired some special book reading together this evening! ;) Like I said, I'm chatty tonite. lol

  7. i live 20 minutes from hershey! go pa!

  8. i live 20 minutes from hershey! go pennsylvania ... i am glad you enjoyed the state!


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