15 July 2009

Brimfield Flea Market & Antique Show

Can you say heaven on earth? The Brimfield show is the countries largest outdoor antique market. It is 1 mile long and 21 fields deep down that mile!! Amazing :) We were there for a little over three hours and weren't even close to seeing it all. Here are some of the beautiful treasures that we saw:

Anything that you could ever wish for that is vintage or an antique, I guarantee it was there at least 10 times. Adam's mom and I had such a great girl's bonding day...and we both scored some AMAZING treasures :)
1. This beautiful old bottle crate :) and all of these beautiful old bottles. Some of the bottles are perfume bottles, some jars, a pitcher, a container, whatever. All old and all precious. I am going to create this little memory keeper that will be a modified version of Jodie's original idea :) In each bottle we will keep sand or rocks or shells that come from the places that we visit on vacation. I have ALWAYS been one to pick up rocks from a special place that I visit and keep them in this little leather bag that I leave in my hiking pack. I love this but I could never remember where they came from. I am soooo excited to start filling these bottle with memories from Adam and I's adventures :)

**After the fact*** (My bottles must be somewhere here that I can't find at the moment... I'll get pics of those later :D)
2. These gorgeous hand sewn blocks from a Crazy Quilt. You can tell that these are really old pieces and they are so detailed and beautiful and I can't wait to make something cool out of them!!!

3. Vintage feed sack fabric that I will use on a very special quilt soon!!!

4. My most wonderful find of the day (and probably month), this depression era quilt. I am sooooo in love with it. It is totally going to fit our bed too! Amazing colors, amazing condition, AMAZING! I napped with it today :) I seriouly dreamt of the girls who made it and wondered their story...quilts are so magical :)

The fair actually goes through the weekend so if ANYONE is looking for anything specific, let me know!!
This place is amazing. I highly suggest making the trip to visit it some day :)
Happy shopping!!!
**Tomorrow Adam's mom, Rachel, and I are going on a "Quilt shop" hop (like a bar hop but with quilt shops) all through Mass, New Hampshire and Vermont!!! I can not wait!!!


  1. I'm jealous!!!!
    Put our pics on snpfish so i can print some please.
    love you miss you come home soon!!!

  2. oh wow. all of that is amazing. i'm sure i could spend all day there and still have not seen the greatest stuff.

    you're so lucky!!

    keep having fun!

  3. I wish I was there beside you ooohhhing and aaahhhing.
    Those coloured buckets! Wow!
    You found the best stuff Janel. The quilt for your bed is wonderful. What a find!
    I love the old box you found. I have one in my bathroom I keep soap in. I love it.
    What a lovely weekend.

  4. Anonymous16 July, 2009

    i soooo want to go there!
    how awesome! <3

  5. oooh such pretty eye candy. i love all the lime green dishes :]

  6. Totally amazing!! That looks like so much fun!

  7. Wow! What a fun place!!!! I bet you had a blast!!! Love the wooden cabinet thing and jars. I'm wanting to do that idea too! I love it! Can't wait to hear about your quilt hopping trip today!!!

  8. ohmygoodness! i wanna go!!!!

    so happy you're having such a great time!


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